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Temenos Event Framework

Temenos’ Event Framework enables banks to be more agile, competitive and profitable

The Event Framework make banks more agile by enabling them to integrate systems much faster and more cost-efficiently. The Event Framework enable near-real-time business and data event based integration supporting messaging and streaming, self-assisted and based on latest technology.

Business Agility & Scability

Temenos’ Event Framework enables banks to be more agile, competitive and profitable. Ultimately, it allows the bank to offer a superior customer experience, one that is much timelier as well as more attuned to evolving customer needs, even when business volumes are growing fast.

Lower Cost of Development and Maintenance

Temenos Event Framework demonstrates Temenos’ technology innovation response to the ever-growing challenges of system and data integration, providing the capability to perform event-based, near-real-time and asynchronous integration with Temenos T24 in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

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Latest technology and Industry Standards

The needs of the banks and other financial actors using Temenos products are covered relying on latest industry standards and technology stacks, concerning both data collection and data delivery over streaming or messaging platforms.

Fast Efficient Integration

A Temenos Event framework provides the possibility to define the business events or data events of interest and tune the payload of the events we collect. This allows the distribution of events on various supports such as messaging or streaming, covering latest technology but also allowing legacy technology to work, if and as required. It provides asynchronous near real time data sharing with other systems, over streaming or messaging.

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