Temenos provides market-leading software and service solutions to banks and financial institutions in all sectors and of all sizes. This means that they can be provisioned, either by Temenos as SaaS or by banks directly, on all of the major cloud platforms.

Temenos was the first technology solution provider to provision a complete core banking system on the public cloud in 2011, and since then all of Temenos’ software solutions have become cloud-native and cloud-agnostic. Because the software runs natively on the cloud platforms, it takes advantage of the automatic scaling capabilities available, as well as ensuring the inherent security and resilience capabilities which come from running in the cloud.

Temenos Cloud

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

A cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology approach for real-time, non-stop banking

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APIs & Extensibility

Temenos’ open APIs allow you to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external systems to help drive your product and service innovation.

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Packaged Business Capabilities

Efficient scalability built around a containerized deployment model.

Distributed database

Distributed Database

Engineered to use distributed relational database technology.

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Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps

Extend cloud capabilities to DevOps so you can code in the morning and deploy in the afternoon.

Temenos Security


As an established provider of hosted, managed banking services in the public cloud, Temenos has developed and refined the procedures and policies required to successfully provide a secure, compliant and trustworthy services to our clients.

Implementation strategies

Implementation Strategies & Methodology

Protect your bank from modern digital threats.

Model Bank Approach

Model Bank Approach

Suitable for banks in all sectors and geographies.

Product Performance

Supports any size of financial organization from the smallest to the largest thanks to its ability to scale appropriately in the cloud or on-premise.

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Event framework

Temenos can make you more agile by enabling integration to systems much faster and more cost-efficient.

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Accelerate product changes via configuration and dev ops ensuring greater speed to market