Temenos Technology Workbench

Accelerate Temenos products changes via configuration and DevOps ensuring greater speed to market.

Temenos Workbench enables banks to adapt their core banking functionality in a much more productive, efficient and riskfree manner. It does so by providing intuitive graphical tools for configuring all types of changes, by working with files that can be tracked and versioned, and by supporting automation and best-practices in DevOps.

Simple Configuration

Temenos Workbench has been designed for all user types, with guided web-based tooling to adapt software in a matter of a few clicks, without the need for advanced technical expertise, getting changes to market faster.

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Single Entry Tool

Temenos Workbench supports the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and DevOps capabilities to configure Temenos Transact modules with easy-to-use, intuitive and consistent tooling. It provides an embedded packaging facility to promote changes from your development environment all the way up to production.

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Web-Based Configuration

End-to-end change management deployed to your choice of cloud or on-premise.

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Reducing Costs

All configurations can be performed on the web, in the cloud, reducing your implementation costs, and making easy it to find resources to implement your business features, while still ensuring a high standard of quality in all your changes.

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Automated Deployments

Provide a repeatable process without manual actions, to deploy changes boosting the time to market without human error, in the critical process of deployments.

Measurable Success


Lower Customer Attrition


Better Net Promoter Score

Product Overview

Single Tool

To configure Temenos Transact and APIs with consistent user experience.

Advanced and Simple Packaging Solution

To package and promote your changes, enables scripted deployments and will work with any industry standard DevOps solution including Temenos Continuous Deployment.

Intuitive Wizards

To cover common end-to-end configuration use cases to accelerate changes.

Manage Configuration as “Code”

By applying the same advanced software development LifeCycle methodologies used in programming to configuration — review changes, history of changes, merge changes, DevOps — to boost quality and productivity.

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