Temenos SaaS

Temenos SaaS Retail Banking

Our Temenos SaaS Retail Banking solution is designed for banks seeking to rapidly take their place in the new banking landscape.

Temenos SaaS Retail Banking will transform how you deliver retail banking services. Our SaaS solution is not simply Temenos software deployed in the cloud…it is the perfect culmination of innovative cloud technology and functionally rich software, delivered and managed by the global leaders in banking software and banking in the cloud.

Temenos can support and manage all Temenos software for our clients. Expert managed services provide full mission-critical service delivery leaving you to focus on your customers.

Cloud banking: is going digital creating a perfect storm?

Next-Generation Cloud Banking Software

As the leaders in banking in the cloud since 2011, Temenos are introducing the next generation of cloud banking software. Building on expertise and experience from over 8 years of delivering high profile and massively successful cloud-based retail and neo-banks, Temenos SaaS provides the perfect launchpad for new retail services to be fast, efficient and competitive.

Your Last Upgrade

Temenos SaaS Retail Banking takes the heavy lifting out of upgrades, providing a continuous, seamless experience meaning you never have to upgrade your banking software again. It’s all taken care of.

Temenos Security

In Safe Hands

Security is in the DNA of our Temenos SaaS Retail Banking solution, operating at the highest possible security standards ensuring your customers’ privacy and the integrity of your service.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

Accelerate your ROI on new products by getting them to market faster. SaaS enables rapid implementation using our model bank features.

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Future Proof

Our extensive and ever-growing API catalogue allows you to connect and partner with the businesses you need to develop and evolve your service exactly as you want it to be….uniquely yours.

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Built-In Compliance

We support your regulatory obligations, with our proprietary model bank solution model developed for the unique market you are operating in.

SaaS for Your Sector

Retail Banking

Temenos provides retail banks with agility and freedom to innovate front-to-back using the latest cloud and API technology.

Challenger Banks

Changes in technology enable new banks to set up, and existing banks to open new operations, more quickly to take advantage of fragmenting customer segments and evolving customer needs.