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Temenos Highwater Benchmark

As banks are expected to seamlessly perform huge transaction volumes around the clock, the Temenos Banking Platform proves it’s massive scalability once again.

Temenos Highwater Benchmark Report

At Temenos, we see our customers building a successful business model around BaaS. Being able to provide financial services, like accounts or loans to brands in Retail and commercial businesses opens a far larger audience. But, with the rapidly rising popularity of embedded finance and BaaS, performance factors come into play: Massive scalability for any transaction volume.

Supporting the needs of future banking models

To test the needs of accelerating embedded finance models, we defined the benchmark test scenario for 2023. Th scenario simulates a larger Retail bank that launches a BaaS proposition to open the door to 50 brands. The hypothesis for this benchmark was to support all these banking models on an instance of software on a single platform, processing a representative transaction mix.

Benchmark Partners

Microsoft Azure

In 2011, Temenos and Microsoft were the first in the industry to bring core banking to the Cloud. Today, the partnership supports financial institutions that leverage the Cloud around the world. The combination of the Temenos Banking Cloud and the Azure Cloud Platform enables banks around the world to leverage modern and trusted Cloud technology that can live up to specific requirements in regions, including data regulation, security, and compliance.


Temenos and MongoDB joined forces in 2019 and are on the quest to service the widespread, specific, and strict data requirements that banks need. As Temenos provides its platform for banks around the globe, MongoDB is the trusted partner with a developer data platform that enables financial institutions to innovate faster and build modern applications. 


HID provides pre-integration solutions that facilitate integrations and customization with the Temenos Banking Platform. The solutions include identity verification, authentication and real-time risk management for true fraud prevention with a clear focus on offering the best security without compromising on user experience. HID has been a trusted Temenos partner for over 15 years and powers trusted identities of millions of people in more than 100 countries.

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Tony Coleman, CTO at Temenos presents the Temenos Highwater Benchmark results.

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