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SaaS Modernization for Growth, Costs, Trust and ESG

By leveraging Cloud and SaaS capabilities, banks embrace a whole new world of opportunities otherwise inaccessible to them, seamlessly delivering mission critical banking activities and navigating the challenges they face in a competitive market space.

The adoption of SaaS and Cloud technology offers four tangible priorities for banks: growth, costs, trust, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). By embracing SaaS, banks can concentrate their efforts, resources, and investments on creating value for their customers and institutions while relying on their provider for technology operations and managed services expertise. But what have been banks’ experiences so far, what have they learnt and how has their growth, cost, trust and ESG efforts been impacted?

What you’ll learn:

  • Bankers said innovation and speed to market were voted the main drivers of growth in banking, learn how SaaS can help you unlock these priorities
  • How banks like Commerce Bank and Export Finance Australia tackle the investment business case for Cloud and SaaS with their stakeholders
  • The value of trust in banking and how banks can demonstrate customer trust through their SaaS provider’s security, privacy, regulatory, and governance principles, more efficiently than they could ever manage alone
  • How the right technology provider can support your ESG initiatives achieving not only your sustainability goals but also influencing stakeholder perceptions.

72% of banking executives say incorporating Cloud will help achieve their business objectives.

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