Temenos SaaS

Temenos SaaS delivers market-leading, compliant and highly secured, functionally rich banking software for you, as a service.

Banks increasingly need a simple alternative to accessing enterprise-level IT without the associated costs and risks.

Run your banking service from the cloud with Temenos SaaS where our expert managed services provide full mission-critical service delivery, leaving you to focus on your customers.

Temenos SaaS supports all Temenos software. Join the hundreds of financial institutions around the world who trust Temenos to run their banking in the cloud.

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Fast & Flexible

Financial institutions can become faster and more agile in creating new offerings. Launch new services faster than ever and expand in line with business growth.

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Focus on Service

Making full use of ever-evolving cloud technology, Temenos SaaS is proactively managed to industry best practices and contracted client service levels, to deliver fast and effectively on business objectives.

Volt Bank Success Story - Parasailing Couple

“As the first digital bank in Australia, we are using technology to challenge the way banking is done. Temenos SaaS will allow us to launch quickly and at the same time meet Australian regulations. Incumbent banks in Australia have grown complacent and benefited from the inertia that comes from the difficulty of changing banks. With Temenos software, we can adapt to the customers’ changing needs, reduce costs and innovate faster. Our digital bank will be a trailblazer in a new era of banking and every experience we offer will be mobile-led, personalized and customer focused.”

Steve Weston, CEO – Volt Bank
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Subscription Pricing

Eliminate costly hardware and operational systems. Access enterprise-level IT without the high costs of running in-house data centers. Subscription model pricing reduces cost risks with new service launches.

Temenos Security

Secure & Protected

Hyperscale provider investment in security, together with Temenos privacy and security controls, provides a service that is fit to deal with today’s service challenges.

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Start small and grow big. The service can be aligned to your business needs day one and scaled as required based on your business growth.

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Single relationship with Temenos for software and cloud hosting services. No other provider has as much experience successfully providing core banking in the cloud.

Prestanomico Success Story - Man hiking on a mountain

“As a start-up bank, choosing the right technology partner was critical to stay nimble and move fast, we made a great choice with Temenos; the have been integral to the launch of our consumer lending offering, and our next steps as a cutting-edge lending-as-a-service provider. With Temenos’ support, we are setting new trends and raising standards for innovation in the Mexican banking sector.“

Guillermo Gomez del Campo, CEO, Prestanonico
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Customer Retention & Marketing Brochure

Temenos Infinity delivers a cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, independent digital banking solution. This customer-focused experience operates on any core banking system. It incorporates solutions for Acquisition, Onboarding, Origination, Omnichannel Banking, and Customer Engagement and Marketing capabilities.


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