Unlocking the potential of the small and medium enterprises

Look out for your SME customers and help them: manage their money efficiently, access to lending, and scale their business. Differentiate your institution by setting a precedent at the top-notch edge of digital banking. BFM offers a holistic financial view to SMEs. Allows to track and manage AR/AP cycle, monitor historic and forecasted cash flow, or check all activity in our platform.


Cashflow Analysis

Your SME customers can analyze and understand cashflow by tracking historic, current and forecasted inflows/outflows

Financial Calendar

An interactive heat map allows you to track past transactions or recurring payments.


makes AR/AP effortless and allows SME to control their AR/AP cycle, from importing information to its creation and reconciliation with transactions.


Keep business expenses under control.

Users can easily create a personalized 360° “bird’s eye view” over their business finances. Quick view to main financial KPIs plus AR/AP snapshot.

The Financial Analysis widget shows the user’s expenses and income in the selected time range and accounts, according to categories and subcategories.  It displays the overall breakdown of spending and income into main and subcategories. Keep customers updated with real-time information thanks to our categorization engine.

Provides a visual analysis of cash flow over time by tracking historic, actual and forecasted inflows & outflows. An account selector gives users a range of analysis options. To help with planning ahead, this widget also provides forward-looking insights based on forecasted spending patterns.

Allow users to save money without effort. From perfect holidays to long-term savings, this feature helps users to reach their financial goals.

Users can create monthly budgets for all their spending categories and sub-categories. All budgets are tracked, updated automatically and visually illustrated in a bar chart. Budget setting is facilitated by automatic budget amount suggestion based on past spending patterns

The budgeting module makes users aware of their current month discretionary spending, and helps them to stay within limits. Budgets are shown in a bar. The bar colour indicates the progress of the budget.

An alternative visualization of past and upcoming income & expenses in a calendar layout. Clicking on a day shows a clear breakdown of all its transactions & events. A built-in pattern recognizer enables forecasting of upcoming expenses & account balances, so users can stay on top of their payments.

The budgeting module makes users aware of their current month’s discretionary spending and helps them to stay within limits. Budgets are shown in a bar. The bar color indicates the progress of the budget.

Users can view, filter, search, rename, split and add tags to their transactions. Users can also create their own categories and rules to further personalize and fine-tune the categorization of their transactions.

Users can set personalized alerts to stay up to date with their personal finances. Alerts can be set for events or widget activity including cash flow, balance, budgets, transactions or Financial Calendar. Various delivery channels can be used such as email, online and mobile (via SMS or push notifications).


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