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Funds & Securities

FundSuite is Multifonds; the award winning fund administration software providing fund accounting, portfolio accounting, and investor servicing and transfer agency on a single platform.

Today more than $5 trillion in assets for both traditional and alternative funds are processed on FundSuite, in more than 30 jurisdictions for the world's leading global custodians, third-party administrators, insurance companies and asset managers.

Funds & Securities Issues 

Service providers, fund administrators and asset managers face multiple challenges, including:

  • Complexity and cost of regulatory change – they face unprecedented levels of new regulations such as FATCA, AIFMD, OECD CRS and Mifid II.
  • Convergence – institutional investors are increasing allocations to alternative funds, and retail investors are looking to absolute return funds, resulting in convergence of long-only and alternative funds.
  • Pressure on fees and operational costs - they are having to look internally at ways to reduce costs and maximize efficiency, but at same time evolve to meet client servicing needs such as middle office, new asset classes and ETFs.
  • Need for greater risk management and transparency - regulation and investors require more transparency, which asset managers in turn demand from their service providers and technology vendors.
  • Need to reduce total cost of ownership – they often have multiple systems for different regions, different asset classes and different fund types, which is increasingly uneconomic to maintain

How our solution helps

With FundSuite, clients have the capability to manage all the asset classes and jurisdictions they are involved with now or in the future, from a single accounting and investor servicing platform. FundSuite:

  • Delivers long-only control and efficiency with alternatives flexibility on one platform, to support convergence between long-only and alternative funds
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by consolidating functions and systems on one platform across multiple geographies, asset classes, jurisdictions
  • Delivers increased efficiency through sophisticated workflow and exception management
  • Syndicates analysis/product development across clients, so that development costs are shared and all clients benefit from changes made to one code base
  • Supports both middle office and back office, and delivers the Investment Book Of Records (IBOR) and Accounting Book Of Records (ABOR) from one platform
  • Provides ease of data access based on an open Oracle architecture

What's included

FundSuite is Multifonds; the administration software for fund accounting, portfolio accounting, and investor servicing and transfer agency.

For fund and portfolio accounting:

  • Multiple valuation types including start-of-day, end-of-day/world (ABOR) and ad-hoc, intra-day for middle office investment view (IBOR)
  • All major fund structures and asset classes across 30+ fund domiciles
  • Multiple accounting and tax methods maintained for a single fund
  • Workflow and exception management
  • Trade and cash management, confirmation processing, position keeping, real time P&L, investment accounting, cash flow forecasting, corporate actions processing

For investor servicing and transfer agency:

  • Investor dealing and shareholder record-keeping
  • Investor servicing including alternatives flexibility with institutional control
  • Single instance supports multiple clients across 20+ fund domiciles
  • AML/KYC, order processing, cash management, distribution/commissions, retrocessions, performance fees, equalization/series of shares and partnership accounting

How it's delivered

We work closely with clients day-to-day, providing expert functional and technical support to ensure they're enjoying maximum operational benefit from using the platform. We follow a structured approach for all implementations, working closely with clients during every phase. A proof of concept is an important first step enabling the customer to fully evaluate the system.

We also work with customers at a more strategic level, building a thorough understanding of their business drivers so as to align our product development roadmap with those needs. The roadmap is driven by proactive analysis and investment into strategic product enhancements, as well as specific client requests and new regulatory demands.

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