Temenos Country Model Banks

Regional functionality for over 150 countries using our packaged model bank framework to go-live faster.

Why Temenos Country Model Banks?

Regulatory Maintenance

Temenos works with you to identify how the regulatory and business practice changes which you identify impact the Temenos solutions used in your bank. We then deliver the required changes based on a fixed timescale and cost, hence reducing your risk and effort in remaining compliant.

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Implement Faster

By building on the work already done by Temenos in the countries and markets you are focused on, you can go-live more quickly. This makes implementation much simpler and more cost-efficient.

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Invest in Competitive Differentiation

Focus your investment in bringing new competitive solutions to the market and in improving your offering to your current customers. Do this by leveraging Temenos’ existing investment in regional and market-specific base capability.

How can banks in Ghana overcome the financial crime challenge?

Reduce Ongoing Risk

Temenos continues to build on its considerable investment in standardized regional capabilities which can help your bank as it expands into new business areas and geographies in the future.

3000 +

3,000+ clients in over 150 countries


233 successful deployments in 2018


Less than 9 weeks to go live

Product Overview

Temenos leverages experience in implementing its solutions around the world by creating reusable components that enable you to quickly comply with local regulations and business practices at a lower cost.

Covering Over 150 Countries Across
Multiple Sectors

Temenos’ packaged functionality is used in over 150 countries and covers all areas of banking.

Ongoing Investment: Growing Coverage

This capability continues to grow in functional depth as well as the number of countries as we invest more in this area.

Open APIs

All of our Model Bank functionality is accessible through open and published APIs, which vastly decrease the costs and complexities of integration.

BMCE Bank of America Success Story - Chinese woman looking at city skyline

“As the first Moroccan bank to open in China, this expansion will act as a catalyst for economic relations between Africa and China. As the implementation timeframe was so short, Temenos’ packaged software, Temenos Transact, was vital to our plan. By offering a banking platform that is already compliant with Chinese regulations, Temenos accelerated the launch of our operations in China. Thanks to Temenos’ model bank approach, we obtained a new banking license, and having implemented a new core banking system that meets local regulations while supporting BMCE Bank of Africa’s ambitious growth strategy.”

Said Adren, General Manager – BMCE Bank of Africa

Customer Success Stories

You’re in Good Company

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Temenos Platform

Cloud-Native, Cloud-Agnostic

Lower costs with the elastic scalability, security, and control you need to shape your business.

APIs & Extensibility

Innovate faster with access to over 700 open APIs in the largest FinTech ecosystem.

Microservices & Containers

Microservice architectures enable continuous application upgrades and cloud scalability.

Distributed Database

Achieve true horizontal scalability in the database layer and operate on an active-active basis across multi-cloud.

Temenos Continuous Deployment – DevOps

Reduce cost and shorten software release cycles – code in the morning, deploy in the afternoon.

Security & Immutable Logging

Protect your bank from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security.

AI & Machine Learning

Explainable AI enables transparency into automated decisions and provides intelligent banking by growing revenues, cutting costs and enhancing the customer experience.