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Sales optimisation, understanding where a customer is having challenges in the application process and being able to do something to address the issue, is a vital part of driving digital sales growth. It is only by understanding where the leakages are in the customer sales funnel that a digital team is able to put in to play measures to improve the process and drive up the conversion rate.

Temenos Infinity delivers funnel transparency for onboarding with a behavioural analytics capability called Insights. This tool delivers a visual representation of where a bank is losing customers to empower them and address the issues in a timely fashion to mitigate the risk of a decline in daily revenue. Adding to this we have a predictive analytics capability with real-time decisioning that leverages our single customer view to deliver greater personalisation.

  • Application times reduced by c.60% by decreasing the number of touchpoints (one bank reduced loan applications from 20 to 6 questions and customers could complete credit card applications in just 5 questions).
  • Experience optimization: behavioural analytics to identify areas of friction during the onboarding process and facilitating specific, actionable suggestions to improve application success rate.

We also provide product-led origination where specific elements of the journey are defined by how a product is defined. Our solutions enable banks to deliver new to bank and existing customer origination across a range of products types.

What's included?

Our digital solution consists of:

  • Onboarding
  • Origination
  • Quotation
  • Insights: A behavioural analytics system to benchmark onboarding process for clients against best in class conversion rates
  • Sales funnel optimisation: Abandonment management identifying drop off points for lead re-targeting to follow up on an incomplete application and improve conversion to sale.

How it’s delivered?

With an extensive set of regional partners and 5 global Integration partners in our network, we have experience across many types of financial institutions. Temenos has in-house and partner resources to meet current and expected further growth in demand for our product and related implementations.

Why work with us?

We have over 3000 clients to date and global reach which gives us great experience of different integration methods. Our different clients have different needs from which we learn and this is all fed into our digital innovation roadmap, software upgrades and integration processes. Temenos clients benefit from all Temenos clients.

Our experts are on hand to help you