Business banking

Digital for Business Banking

Removes the complexity of business banking and enables SME owners to focus on running their business and fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams.

Drive Digital Transformation in Business Banking

SME owners need the convenience of digital banking to help run their business. Temenos Infinity Business offers them the same level of experience as in retail, giving them the ability to combine personal and business accounts in one view.

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Build Trust

Gain business customers’ trust by offering familiar and comfortable business journeys that match their retail banking experience. Build long-lasting, loyal relationships and provide valuable insights into their business across any channel, using AI and data analytics.

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Automate & Digitalize

Bring a frictionless digital experience for business owners throughout the entire customer journey by providing the highest level of automation of business processes and open integration to 3rd party systems.

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Drive Growth

Help your customers to grow and scale incrementally across channels, capabilities, or business lines with the modular approach of Temenos Infinity. Provide tailored products at every stage of a business.

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Increase Agility

Get to market fast with an extensive repository of ready-to-go features. Have the freedom to align the open and flexible platform of Temenos Infinity to your digital banking architecture. Use any cloud platform of your choice and elastically scale on demand. Simplify the connectivity to any core banking system and implement changes fast while managing application development time and costs. Leverage advanced micro-services and APIs to create your banking apps.

Create Smart Digital Experiences

Create frictionless, personalized, and secure banking experiences to increase customer satisfaction. Use data analytics, AI, and smart banking capabilities to provide actionable customer insights. Drive stronger customer engagement and loyalty through a multi-channel strategy from native mobile apps, web apps, branch to advanced interfaces like conversational banking.

Go Beyond Banking

Thrive in a world of open banking and FinTechs by easily integrating to 3rd party systems or leverage pre-built integrations from the Temenos Marketplace. Create your own digital ecosystem and aggregate data from external providers to deliver value-added services and open innovation to your clients.

Measurable Success

$ 1.4 Billion

$1.4BN in COVID Relief Loans in 13 days 
Atlantic Union Bank 

Digital Banking Platform for Business Banking

Omnichannel Banking

Enable seamless mobile app, web, conversational banking and branch experiences.

Onboarding & Origination

Capture more customers with outstanding digital experiences that increase satisfaction and drive revenue. Temenos Infinity gives your bank the agility to create dynamic products, support instant decisions and increase speed to market.

Real-Time Campaigns

Personalize the banking experience and dynamically identify opportunities for increased revenue through contextually relevant experiences.

Account Aggregation

Make your banking app the center of your customers’ world by connecting to other bank accounts and transactions using open banking aggregation services.

User Management & Entitlements

User registration and management, pre-defined roles, and account access setting.

Bulk Payments & Approvals

Payment templates, handling for request types, and permission-based approvals.

Account & Cash Management

Provide automation, recommend actions and prediction for future positions using cutting-edge explainable AI technology.

Audit Logs & Tracking

Track transactions and events with both a company and an employee audit log.

Distribution Services

API-driven microservices in Temenos Infinity allows separation of distribution from manufacturing, increasing agility and speeding time to market for apps built both by financial institutions themselves and by Temenos and its partners.

Engage App

Temenos Infinity Engage is a mobile financial messaging tool that helps communicate and build 1:1 relationships between bank staff and customers using a social messaging app that is familiar and comfortable to users.

Scalable Cloud Native

The solution is highly scalable and is built using cloud-native and cloud-agnostic technology. It can elastically scale up and down, as required by the varying volumes of concurrent users, while allowing for efficient and resilient operation.

Core Agnostic

Temenos Infinity is independent of the core banking system. Omnichannel banking uses APIs to support any core banking system, internally built systems and Temenos Transact. Hosting can be based in the cloud or on-premise.

“From the outset of the pandemic, we made PPP our top priority. We realized early on that these funds were critical to helping our business customers face once unimaginable economic challenges and keep their employees paid. Working with the team at Temenos, we were able to build a brand new digital loan portal specifically for the PPP in less than a week. We’re excited about the award from IDC, which recognizes the effort and collaboration between our two teams and, more importantly, our shared goal of helping our customers in their time of need.”

Kelly Dakin, Chief Digital & Customer Experience Officer Atlantic Union Bank

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Digital Banking Summit NSW 2024

Temenos is delighted to exhibit on the Digital Banking Summit NSW 2024, which is taking place on 29th May at The Fullerton Hotel Sydney.