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Cloud and Payments: A Match Made in Heaven?

In the payments world, the debate around whether Cloud needs to be part of the future strategy for payment players is more or less settled now, with growing acceptance on a number of key benefits arising from moving to it – be it scalability, agility and security to future-proofing and (the elephant in the room!) cost.

However, this is not a one size fits all utopia, in fact quite the opposite. Payment owners need to carefully navigate and evaluate on a number of strategic choices available to them today via cloud. This is based on their business context and ranges from which cloud-based solution to opt for, and how it’s going to be deployed and delivered, to the scope of services they want to be covered in their arrangements.

This research report from Celent puts a spotlight on the key factors that payment leaders need to incorporate in their thinking when determining the right cloud solution for their needs.