Corporate banking

Digital for Corporate

Temenos Digital for Corporate Banking accelerates time-to-market for the digital transformation of complex corporate banking and treasury processes. Eliminate the paper to create an outstanding customer experience, while streamlining KYC, compliance and entitlements for corporate clients.

Product Overview

End-to-End Commercial & Corporate Banking Customer Journeys

Temenos digital banking creates outstanding customer experiences across acquisition, origination, omnichannel client services, marketing, and retention, independent of the core banking system in place.

Eliminate Paper-Based Processes

Drastically cut the time and costs to onboard corporate customers by digitizing paper-based processes. Digital onboarding reduces errors, revisions, and pended applications. Digital entitlements, critical for Corporate clients, speed the process and increase security and privacy.

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Speed KYC & AML Data Capture

Reduce client friction and the back-office process by digitizing critical compliance data capture, choosing from over 40 FinTech integrations. Cut weeks from the corporate client onboarding to increase customer satisfaction.

Cut Time to Market

Make complex corporate onboarding journeys a reality in months, not years. Respond now to customer demand, ahead of the competition. Then continuously add features and improvements based on customer input and analytics, without making changes to the core.

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