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Temenos Infinity

Customer-led solution for your digital banking transformation

Temenos Infinity is a Digital Banking Product focused on customer experience.

It solves the problems of acquiring, servicing, retaining and cross-selling customers for banks looking to thrive in an era of open banking.

The Temenos Infinity digital banking solution is cloud native, cloud agnostic, and independent of any core banking system. API first, Design Led, and working across any banking sector, it allows banks to achieve scale and TCO benefits of the cloud.

Acquire and Onboard

Acquire new customers across all channels. Temenos Infinity increases conversion rates for applications including deposits, lending, credit cards and wealth accounts. With integrated FinTech services for identity, fraud detection, e-signature and funds transfer, Infinity makes instant deposit account opening a reality, while leveraging the branches and relationships that customers value.


Product Origination

Achieve maximum agility in offering new products, and drive customer satisfaction with fast, effortless originations. Temenos Infinity delivers both by bringing the marketing catalogue, product details, and origination process out of the core banking system and into the front office. Changes take weeks, not months, giving the ability to rapidly respond to market opportunities.

OmniChannel Banking

Delight your customers across every channel, including mobile, online, branch, call center and more. Temenos Infinity drives digital transaction volumes, digital revenue, and customer convenience. With one digital platform to unify all the product silos, Temenos Infinity creates the experience customers have come to expect.

Marketing and Cross-Sell

Use behavioral analytics to personalize products, offers and experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. Become a trusted advisor with offers reflecting the customer's unique financial situation, spending patterns and even social media. Drive higher upsell and loyalty by anticipating customer needs and making offers instantly available.

Customer Retention

Temenos Infinity drives customer loyalty and retention. By bringing omni-channel convenience, customer experience best practices, and an open system to continually add new features such as conversational banking, Temenos Infinity keeps customers interested, engaged and happy.

Open and API First

For development teams building open banking sytems, and investing in API based services, Temenos Infinity offers a rich development environment. Teams skilled in the use of React, Angular, and other Javascript Toolkits will find Infinity is the fastest path to delivering production systems for digital customer experience.

Temenos Marketplace, now including the Avoka Exchange as well, offers pre-integrated FinTech services and access to complementary solution providers. For services such as identity, fraud, payments, fund transfer, and compliance, Temenos Infinity offers connections to dozens of services as part of the solution package.

Temenos Infinity Unifies the Experience across all Products


Drive new customer accounts and revenue with the ultimate convenience and personalization for retail customers. Achieve high digital transaction rates to keep costs down, and add capacity only as needed.

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Small Business/Small Enterprise

Convenience is king for busy business owners. Use Temenos Infinity to offer a range of options and consistency across all products. Cut the time and complexity out of onboarding and origination, for higher customer satisfaction and shorter time to revenue.

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Gain the agility needed to offer corporate banking solutions and continually evolve to meet customer needs. Cut the time to achieve onboarding, enable entitlements and demonstrate compliance.

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What's included?

Our digital platform consists of:


Extend your reach to customers using any device, today and in the future

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How do you really engage a customer?

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Sales optimisation, understanding where a customer is having challenges

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Unlock the power of data to become analytically driven, increasing profitability and efficiency

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Our servicing solutions enable open banking strategies by enabling account aggregation

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Risk and Compliance

Our FCM product family is a range of intelligent, analytical detection engines.

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