The Best-in-class integrated solution suite for Finance, Risk and Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

A trusted and effective way to handle your data silo challenges, overlapping technologies and data models by taking an integrated approach across multiple disciplines. Our solution suite facilitates a comprehensive, collaborative organizational structure that places the key functions of finance, risk and regulatory reporting at its heart. It provides the scalability needed to process large volumes of data required by new data-driven regulatory regimes, preserving data lineage at each stage.


OneSumX for Finance

Enables your teams to run event-based accounting throughout the lifetime of a transaction. Unrivaled subledger and general ledger capabilities help you to align, consolidate and disclose this data for IFRS 9, CECL, and hedge accounting.

OneSumX for Risk

A risk management solution that reviews the full balance sheet and runs a wide range of risk analytics and modeling capabilities. Risk managers can project balances across all risk types, including credit risk and market risk. Perform sophisticated scenario analysis and stress testing under both internal and regulatory metrics, as well as optimize your balance sheet.

OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting

A best-in-class solution that allows you to report transparently with enriched reconciled data from different departments mapped to a single and complete regulatory library. Utilize your data in an integrated way to feed all required regulatory reports.


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