Temenos Regulatory Compliance


Temenos works closely with banks to ensure that updates to SWIFT messages and the implied associated workflows are reflected in the software and made available to our clients in plenty of time to allow for testing and live deployment.

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Transparent Process

When changes to SWIFT messages are announced, Temenos reaches out proactively to our clients likely to be affected and works with you to ensure that the appropriate changes are built and delivered so that your live system can continue in operation.

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Documented Scope Maintenance

Although the detailed scope of changes made depends on the precise nature of the SWIFT update, updates are generally supported where the business functionality is an already documented feature of the system.

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Covers All Business Areas

The SWIFT update program covers all supported business areas and message types.


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Banco Mediolanum launched Flowe in June 2020 with a unique vision. Targeted at a younger demographic that demands a more ethical and innovative approach, Flowe will be an environmentally-friendly digital bank that not only helps customers to build a sustainable financial future, but also partners with reforestation schemes and uses recycled wood for its payment cards.


Your Growth Fast – Launching a New Digital Bank

Temenos has a proven track record in supporting U.S. banks growth by enabling them to bring products to market up to 16X faster, cut customer onboarding time by 75% and increase digital revenues up to 5X.Temenos enables the rapid launch of neobanks and digital-only initiatives of established banks, new credit unions, community banks, and non-domestic banks with a strategic plan for the U.S. market.