Detect risk exposure – your way and the right way.

Kharon Dynamic Analytics provides curated data extracts formatted for seamless integration into your existing screening and monitoring frameworks. Select from a list of risk typologies that meet your screening & monitoring requirements, including 50-Plus, Control, Maritime, MEU, and more.


Customized to Your Needs

Kharon’s data extracts can be fully customized in accordance with your internal policies and procedures, business interests, and risk appetite. This includes datasets that focus on specific jurisdictions, ownership percentages, economic industries, and more.

Save Time & Money

Kharon Dynamic Analytics enhances the core functions of your existing KYC and CDD platforms, including customer screening, transaction and account monitoring, by protecting against over-screening and reducing operational costs.

Critical Insights

Drawing on open-source documentation, Kharon’s robust repository of enriched global data provides critical insights that fill the void created by incomplete government and internal sanctions lists.

Unparalleled Precision and Depth

Kharon’s enriched data is quality-assured and updated on a near-daily basis to incorporate the latest sanctions-related actions, changes in risk dynamics, and new research published by Kharon – enhancing essential KYC and EDD procedural operations.

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