Thunes is a cross-border payments network that powers some of the fastest growing financial institutions and platforms globally.

Thunes propiatry payment rail is able to deliver money into 130 countries, across 80 currencies in real time. Thunes payment rail has the ability to access 5.6 billion bank and mobile wallet accounts, covering 90% of the worlds population.

Thunes value proposition is that via a single point of integration and relationship, the sending institution will have the ability to deliver funds into 130+ markets across 80+ currencies, including some of the hard to reach yet fast growing markets (Latam, Africa, Asia), without the need to establish additional banking relationships


Thunes is a regulated psp operating a set of alternative cross-border payment rail for financial and non financial institutions, remove the complexity of sending international transfers via corresponding banking

Eliminating the cost and resource required to build corresponding banking relationships

Provide an overall more transparent, reliable and real time payments expereince for your customers

Provide instant access to 130 countries and the revenue opportunity in those markets

Thunes payment rail is unique, it is able to deliver funds in real-time, with guaranteed fees upfront at competitive rates, this is achieved by removing the intermediaries in the traditional corresponding banking


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