Temenos Payments

New Schemes, New Services

Temenos continually rolls out support for new schemes and services to enable Temenos Payments Hub users to maintain compliance for markets they address. This covers global and regional ISO 20022 initiatives as well as new Instant payments services, new market services, and payment instruments.

Instant Payments

Temenos Instant Payments is a full service, flexible, real-time payment solution that supports multiple and varied real-time instant payment schemes including both ISO20022 and non-ISO20022 schemes like SEPA Instant and UKFaster Payments.

Off-the-shelf support for various schemes – including SEPA Instant via EBA, RT1, ECB TIPS, Iberpay and Equens, UK Faster Payments, Hungary GIRO, Hong Kong Faster Payments, and Argentina Instant Payments.

Swift GPI

Temenos Payments Hub supports Swift GPI, a new standard for cross border payments ensuring that cross-border payments are fast and transparent, allowing financial institutions and corporates to track cross-border payments from end-to-end in real-time, providing visibility on fees and final confirmation of credit of funds.