Highly Configurable Functionality

Improved capabilities in routing, tracking, product setup, customer servicing, exception management, automation, reporting.

Temenos Payments Hub (TPH) supports retail, corporate and private wealth’s payments businesses, from low value high volume, to high value low volume, from ACH to RTGS, from cross border to domestic, from batch to real time, from cash to account or account to cash consumer remittance flows, as well as large salary file runs or complicated supplier payments. A truly comprehensive, universal platform for efficient payment execution and distribution.

Payment Instrument & Market Support

Provides coverage for an extensive range of payment types, payment schemes, payment formats, and transaction types.

When acting as a centralized hub, the solution standardizes, accelerates, automates, and integrates payment flows across geographies and entities, efficiently linking multiple payment sources and channels with multiple clearing and distribution networks and services.

Agile Functionally Rich Components

A large set of pre-built, highly configurable functional components create the building blocks for both simplified and complex payment process flows.

Flexible Workflow Orchestration

At the heart of TPH is a flexible workflow framework that supports the active orchestration of each payment transaction as it traverses through the system. Each step in the workflow is highly configurable where specific validations or services can be called or bypassed according to the rules setup by the bank.

Optimization of Operations

TPH incorporates a range of features that optimize the processing of payments by maximizing throughput and automating exception processing, with optimized operational facilities that deliver industry leading STP rates with automated exception processing and management of risks.