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TEMENOSITY: Our ‘Secret Sauce’ TEMENOSITY is the magic that makes Temenos, Temenos. We say that our people have it, that our clients have it and that our partner community has…

Passing the Culture Test in 2020

Culture has become a popular topic of corporate conversation in recent years. It’s often used as a way to attract talent. If you can explain how things get done in your company, you will be more likely to hire people whose individual value system and expectations align.

Europe Diversity Month

At Temenos, integrity and authenticity has been key to our culture of TEMENOSITY. We believe our culture is key to our success, and that we should demonstrate its principles at every opportunity.

Picking Apart the Penalty Provisions

Questions regarding time deposits and penalties arise quite frequently in the current culture of "penalty free" or "one time penalty free withdrawal" time deposits offered by Financial Institutions.

About Us

Our mission at Temenos is to power a world of banking that creates opportunities for everyone.Our passion for making banking better drives us to be the banking platform for all…

Commencing Countdown Asset Management in a post COVID World

Technology lies at the heart of the asset management, so we teamed up with Funds Europe to find out which technology is a high priority for investment, and what adjustments to investment culture and operational frameworks need to be made as the industry prepares for future growth. ​

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Temenos, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of how we innovate and operate our business, which stems from our founding philosophy of ‘All people are the key’.