Designing Culture for High Performance

In this webinar, we outline the opportunities for organizations to foster high-performance cultures from defining values to increasing ROI.

The culture of an organization takes on many shapes and definitions. During this webinar Joel Hartzler, Filene’s Senior Stewardship and Development Director, and Kris Frantzen, Temenos VP of Product Strategy, will guide you through a center of Excellence for Organizational Entrepreneurship report from a Filene Research Fellow and Harvard Business School professor that outlines the opportunities for organizations to foster high-performance cultures. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build and uphold a culture of well-defined values, words and actions that encourage staff to come along in the institution’s journey of growth
  • How such a culture can provide success in terms of ROI, net income, sales growth and cash flow
  • How to determine if your organization is already doing some of the above items right
  • How to use the ideas and successes of others to help your own financial institution