Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

At Temenos, diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of how we innovate and operate our business, which stems from our founding philosophy of ‘All people are the key’.

Diversity is in our DNA

At Temenos, we believe that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is what makes our global company, community and society strong. Of course for diversity to thrive, everyone must be entitled to inclusive and equal treatment. Acting with this sort of integrity and authenticity has been key to our success and is integral to our culture of TEMENOSITY.
Temenos takes pride in serving over one billion people worldwide from diverse backgrounds through our software to make banking better.

How we measure up

We represent 83 different nationalities, working with clients and partners from over 150 different countries.
We rank among the leaders in our industry for gender diversity, with women making up 36% of our workforce.
We’re building a pipeline of female talent across all regions, functions and experience levels, with 34% of our Executive Leadership are currently held by women.

We are in the top 10% of world leaders in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which measure diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity practices. 

Our approach

We believe in supporting a diverse community of customers by thriving to foster a culture of ‘everyday inclusion’ for our people to bring their best at work. As such, we:

Our values are the unique ingredients that make up TEMENOSITY. We call them the 4 C’s:


Any form of discrimination with integrity to enable psychological safety in the work environment and, in turn, enhance employee experience.


To a culture of everyday inclusion and show solidarity through key events year around.

To Affinity groups which cover: race, ethnicity, cultural heritage, gender parity and more.


The opportunity to work in a global and diverse team within a dynamic community of Industry pioneers, innovative and passionate Temenosians.


Provide learning opportunities and awareness of DE&I through ERG’s.

Support our diverse workforce representation.

Holistic health and wellbeing initiatives.

Celebrating DE&I around the World

We know that the world is far from equal so we use our TEMENOSITY to ensure greater diversity and inclusion amongst our teams and to make a positive contribution to society. We have embedded equal opportunity practices in our recruitment, talent development and pay. Our employees are incredibly passionate about equality too and they get involved in campaigns to drive awareness on gender diversity, race, ethnicity, LGBTQ+, health and wellbeing including mental health, as well as volunteer to give back to the communities in which we live & work.

Proud to be together, proud to stand apart. Temenos at Pride Month 2022.

This month, Temenos is joining companies, communities, families and individuals all over the world to celebrate Pride month. This is a time to celebrate how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, honor the work of LGBTQ+ people past and present, and reaffirm our support and determination to tackle the homophobia, transphobia and inequality that still exists today.

International Day of Education 2021

Education is a human right and today, on January 25, we celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Education, under the motto “Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation”. In celebrating the International Day of Education, we celebrate our employees’ contributions and hope to shed light on the unfortunate situations many children and adolescents find themselves in.

Human Rights Day 2020 – Recover Together

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December — the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). It is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of human rights in re-building the world we want, the need for global solidarity as well as our interconnectedness and shared humanity. We as a company feel strong about human rights and have ourselves undertaken several measures to recover together.

International Day of Education 2021

At Temenos, integrity and authenticity has been key to our culture of TEMENOSITY. We believe our culture is key to our success, and that we should demonstrate its principles at every opportunity.

Inspirational Women share their stories

At Temenos, we are inspired by our amazing community of women in technology & are proud to share their stories:

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