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Temenos Origination

Temenos has a long history of success supporting loan and account origination in North America for banks and credit unions up to $50 billion in assets. These proven solutions are now integrated into Temenos Infinity.

Product Overview

Temenos Infinity Origination products for North America give members and customers a rapid, omni-channel product origination experience, including instant decisioning. For credit unions and banks, they create agility, eliminate paper processes, and reduce costs of origination. Infinity works with any core banking system, and Origination products can be used independently or in conjunction other Infinity products such as Journey Manager for acquisition and onboarding.

Frictionless Digital Journeys

Give the people what they want, and make a great first impression. Shorten loan and account application times and remove obstacles to create a frictionless, white-glove, digital experience, whether at home, in the branch or on the go.

Intelligent Decisioning

Drive your end-to-end loan and account origination process down to 5 minutes or less, while at the same time making use of intelligent automation. Temenos Infinity clients have driven auto-decision rates from 20 to 70% using intelligent multi-factor decisioning.

Products to Market in Days

Temenos infinity origination customers bring new products to market in days, not months. Create products without software development, allowing business analysts to make rapid changes.

Intelligent Cross-Sell Capabilities

Expand wallet share with the ability to automatically prequalify and present additional product offerings and services to applicants based on attributes and data collected during the origination process.

Comprehensive Dashboard Views & Reports

Utilize interactive, pre-configured dashboards, views and reports to track activity and performance. For reports specific to your institution, a user-friendly report builder is available that can query any field found in the database.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

To drive both a simplified experience and intelligent decisions, integrating with third parties for key services like ID verification, fraud detection, and financial history is essential. Easily make use of the platform’s robust API or select from our more than 35 integrated partners.

Origination Resources

Measurable Success


From application to
cash in hand

70 %

Auto-decisioning for consumer loans


To launch new loan products

75 %

Auto-decision rate for new credit card app

Allied iQQAllied Solutions – This connector provides access to Allied’s cutting edge online quoting software, Internet QuickQuote (iQQ), to present the cross-sell GAP and MBP options. InsuranceDatasheet
ApplicationXtenderMetaSource – This connector allows documents attached to a loan application to be archived and stored with ApplicationXtender. Document Management
Car SolutionsCar Solutions – The Car Solutions connector provides financial institutions with the ability to present and cross-sell GAP and MBP products directly through the loan origination solution.InsuranceDatasheet
CO-OPCo-Op Financial Services – This connector allows provides institutions to create new accounts, print and activate credit cards onsite, increase existing credit limits, and add authorized users during account creation.Data Extracts
Credit ReportingLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion through a third-party credit reporting service.Credit Reporting
CUDLCUDL – This connector allows dealer applications submitted through Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) to be seamlessly transmitted to/from the system for evaluation.Indirect LendingDatasheet
CUNA Loan Calculator CUNA Mutual Group – This connector allows institutions utilizing credit insurance and/or debt protection to calculate payment, term, and balloon amounts.Calculator
CUNA Protection Advisor ExpertCUNA Mutual Group – This connector is an integrated web calculator that supports real-time GAP and MBC quoting from within the loan origination solution. InsuranceDatasheet
DealertrackDealertrack – This connector allows dealer applications submitted through Dealertrack to be seamlessly transmitted to/from the system for evaluation.Indirect LendingDatasheet
DocuSignDocuSign – This connector makes electronic signature easier with direct integration to our loan origination solution.Document ManagementDatasheet
EquifaxLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Equifax.Credit Reporting
ExperianLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian.Credit Reporting
Experian Application ExportExperian – This connector provides a tool to generate an export for when Performance Insight and Risk Based Pricing services are provided by Experian. Experience takes and analyses application and performance data from the system and provides feedback to the FI, which enables the FI to better understand its decision model. Data Extracts
Experian Instant PrescreenExperian – This connector allows originators to trigger a search of Prescreen offers for the applicant. If applicants elect to take advantage of offers, the application process can bypass credit processing and underwriting to fulfill and fund the offers based on the rate and terms of the offer. Unused offers are saved as Promotions in the Loan Origination system for future application.Cross-Selling
Experian Precise IDExperian – This connector provides the ability to interface with Experian’s Precise ID and Knowledge IQ products for identity checks and fraud verification based on pre-defined business logic.Fraud Detection
FirstCloseFirstClose – This connector provides access to the FirstClose ONE platform of solutions allowing financial institutions the ability to order and process real estate services, such as appraisal, automated valuation, closing, flood certification, property condition report, recording, tax service, title search, valuation, and verification directly within Temenos Infinity.Real Estate ServicesDatasheet
FIS BASE2000FIS – This connector provides a database extract which complies with the standards required by FIS/Certegy. When a credit card is disbursed, it is automatically included in the next extract run and sent via a secure connection for card creation.Data ExtractsDatasheet
FIS ChexSystemsFIS – This connector provides resources to verify applicants through the use of the ID Verification (IDV) and ID Authentication (IDA) products. Additionally, a QualiFile product is available which provides customer scoring and risk segmentation during the account origination process.Fraud Detection
FIS TBSFIS – This connector allows credit card fulfillment requests and updates information to be easily transferred daily, in a batch format, from the system to TBS.Data ExtractsDatasheet
Frost FinancialFrost Financial- this new connector fully integrates Frost Financial’s VisualGAP web services interface to enable the ability to seamlessly present the protection products offered during the loan application process.Indirect Lending
HMDAHMDA – This connector enables institutions to extract data in a format that is compliant for input into the government HMDA reporting system.Data Extracts
HYLSHYLS – This new integration calculates a high yield lending strategy (HYLS) score for each applicant on an application based off of a series of questions and answers regarding applicant data.DecisioningDatasheet
IDologyIDology – This connector uses ExpectID technology to create a more satisfying account or loan origination experience by allowing applicants to capture data directly from their driver’s license or other personal identification instead of having to type it in. This secure and convenient process not only saves time but also reduces the chance that an application is abandoned.Fraud Detection Datasheet
IMMIMM – This connector offers users improved productivity by automating the processes between the host system and document storage, as well as providing ancillary products for e-signatures, secure email and fax delivery and storage, and integration into archive systems.Document Management
IMM eSign RemoteIMM eSign Remote – This connector makes electronic signature easier with direct integration to our loan origination solution through IMM eSign.Document ManagementDatasheet
Kelley Blue BookKelley Blue Book – This connector allows financial institutions to valuate vehicles based on retail, trade-in and wholesale prices, and automatically track those values within the system.Auto Book Value
Lenders ProtectionOpen Lending – Lenders Protection by Open Lending is a risk management program featuring default insurance coverage for near/non-prime automobile loans. Lenders Protection allows financial institutions and other automobile lenders to model their specific overhead and funding costs and set desired ROA target for their insured portfolio. The result is a profitable auto loan portfolio with carefully managed pricing and risk characteristics.InsuranceDatasheet
LSILending Solutions Inc – This connector allows applications submitted through Lending Solutions to be transmitted via a secure channel to the system for evaluation. Indirect Lending
NADANADA – This connector allows users to input vehicle specifications and receive book value information in real-time.Auto Book Value Datasheet
OFACLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector provides integration with OFAC Scope scanning products from Luxor Technologies, Inc. With this tool, financial institutions can ensure their account holders are free of fraudulent links to illegal activities tracked by the US and international governments.Fraud Detection
PSCUPSCU – This connector enables institutions to access additional credit card information for accounts. Users can choose from PSCU’s standard option or their Data eXchange, which offers real-time information.Third-Party Credit CardsDatasheet
PSCU LendingPSCU – For those institutions contracting with FDR, this connector provides a database extract which complies with the standards required by FDR. When a credit card is disbursed, it is automatically included in the next extract run and sent via a secure connection to FDR for card creation.Data Extracts Datasheet
RouteOneRouteOne – The connector allows dealer applications submitted through RouteOne to be seamlessly transmitted to/from the system for evaluation.Indirect LendingDatasheet
SWBC Payments SWBC – This connector provides direct integration to SWBC’s payments tool for highly secure and efficient electronic ACH and credit card transactions. Payment Processing
SWBC UnitySWBC – This connector allows financial institutions to quote, book, and process documents for debt protection, GAP, and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance from SWBC within the system.InsuranceDatasheet
SystemwareSystemware – This connector provides institutions with the ability to electronically archive loan documents into an intuitive folder structure.Document Management
TransUnion Luxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from TransUnion.Credit Reporting
uOpenFinastra – This connector establishes a secure connection between the system and the uOpen platform which encompasses all of Finastra’s integration products. These products enable indirect sources to transmit and receive loan application data with financial institutions. Data Extracts
CorrelationFiservJack HenryFinastraTemenos
Symitar EpysisUltraDataTemenos Transact

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Learn how PSECU achieved auto decision rates of 30-70% and loan application to funding time of just 3-15 minutes, increasing staff efficiency and customer experience.

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