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Temenos Best-in-Class in Aite’s Matrix Evaluation: US Digital Banking Engagement, Core Banking Providers 2021

Temenos achieves Best-in-Class status for Temenos Infinity due to Explainable AI (XAI) technology and micro apps architecture which power hyper-personalized digital customer experiences faster.

Temenos Infinity helps banks connect with a wider ecosystem of financial and non-financial providers to innovate and bring new products to market faster. It is relied upon by 650 financial institutions worldwide, from global tier one banks to digital challengers.

David Albertazzi, Director, Retail Banking & Payments Practice, Aite Group:

“Temenos finished ahead of the competition in this year’s Aite Matrix report, finishing squarely in the middle of the bull’s-eye and demonstrating a strong balance of both vendor strength and product performance. […] The Temenos Infinity platform is both feature-rich and UX strong, has the ability to deliver on seamless end-to-end digital journey through a platform approach that connects legacy and fintech partners, and has a more forward-looking vision on financial wellness tools that enables it to stand out from its peers.”

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