Kony Is Now Temenos

Temenos acquired Kony, the leading digital banking SaaS company in the US. Kony’s innovative technology accelerated Temenos Infinity, the cloud-native digital banking product, which drives outstanding digital experiences across customer journeys.

For non-banking, Temenos and HCL have joined forces in an exclusive agreement to develop and market Quantum, the leading multiexperience development platform. We both are committed to empowering you to build best-in-class digital app experiences across all channels for both banking and non-banking customers. Temenos will continue to support banking services with Temenos Quantum, and HCL Software has launched the new Volt MX to support non-banking services.

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Temenos – Company

Banking Services

Temenos offers cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, API-first digital banking, core banking, payments, fund management, and wealth management software products, enabling banks to deliver consistent, frictionless customer journeys and achieve market-leading cost/income performance.

Non-Banking Services

HCL Software is partnering with Temenos to manage the transition of your Kony Quantum non-banking investment to HCL Volt MX. Volt MX is an industry-leading low-code app-dev platform that empowers professional developers, enterprise architects, and digital designers to rapidly deliver consumer-grade digital experiences. Find out more.

The New Volt MX

HCL Software’s latest offering in our low-code application development portfolio. Learn how to build consumer-grade multiexperience apps — fast.

Volt MX Features

Design amazing applications for any audience across any device, with no limits on user experience.

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