Temenos Quantum – Multi-Experience Development Platform

Enabling faster delivery and improved business control of digital transformation and smarter customer experiences.

Temenos named a visionary in Gartner’s 2020 magic quadrant for multiexperience development platforms

Temenos recognized for completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Why Temenos Quantum?

With Temenos Quantum, businesses can accelerate time-to-market and deliver a seamless, multiexperience digital journey for customers. The platform supports the development of highly engaging web and true native mobile applications incorporating wearables, chatbots, augmented reality, and conversational apps on a unified platform.

Temenos Quantum

Build what your business demands

Capture additional market share, improve user retention, and increase conversion rates by offering a differentiated and best-in-class user experience. Temenos Quantum utilizes a combination of technologies, touchpoints, and modes of interaction including progressive web apps, true native apps, augmented reality, wearables, AI-powered chatbots, and smart speaker conversational apps.

Integration | Temenos Quantum

Powerful integrations

Power client applications by quickly integrating with data, creating new services, orchestrating and transforming data, and configuring backend business processes.

Six real-world pain points you can’t ignore in your digital strategy

AI for the real world

Integrate explainable AI to power digital experiences that are intelligent and hyper-personalized, resulting in higher levels of engagement and user satisfaction, including chatbots for faster automated support and shorter origination approval cycles.

Workflows | Temenos Quantum

Workflow at your fingertips

Simplify management of business processes, workflows, and business rules for business users, reducing the overall effort and need for IT involvement and resulting in faster updates and improved ability to capture market opportunities.

DevOps | Temenos Quantum

Quality built in 

Reduce delivery cost and through integrated and automated end-to-end DevOps procedures, including powerful automated testing that removes manual and error-prone release management tasks.

Temenos IQ

Increase team productivity

Enable delivery teams to build better experiences in less time through AI-assisted development that automates development tasks, enforces best practices, and optimizes performance.

Innovate with speed and ease

Temenos maintains a dedicated team that is evaluating, architecting, integrating and enabling a range of innovative technologies to make them easily accessible through the Temenos Quantum platform. You can transform legacy experiences with advanced technologies, easily. All you need is your imagination.

Key stats

7 Years

Leadership in mobile development, multiexperience, and digital transformation


Apps live on our global SaaS cloud

117 %

Annual Growth in Cloud Usage

55 %

Average increase in service delivery lifecycle (SDLC) productivity

Product overview

Temenos Quantum is a Multiexperience Development Platform (MXDP) that combines ease-of-use and speed of low-code productivity with deep enterprise capabilities for both consumer grade digital experiences across multiple touchpoints and robust backend services for identity, integration, orchestration, business process automation, and business rules management. 

Low-code Developer Productivity

Create digital experiences using a low-code approach in the form of modern web apps, true native apps, conversational apps, wearables and immersible experiences.


Maximize the reuse of components and backend integration across a unified and seamless experience in the form of progressive web apps, native mobile apps, intelligent chatbots, conversational apps, wearables, and more.

Simplified Data Integration

Use connectors to quickly integrate with data, create new services, orchestrate and transform data, and configure backend business processes.

Modern & Engaging User Experience

Design amazing applications for any audience across any device with no limits on user experience.

Limitless Flexibility & Scalability

Deliver engaging employee, consumer, and partner applications of any scale and complexity on a unified digital experience platform.

Progressive Web Apps

Combine the performance and rich user experience of native with the flexibility and simplified maintenance of web by using modern web capabilities and creating applications as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Automated Testing & Integrated DevOps

Continuously build and deliver applications with greater speed and agility using automated build, publish, and testing tools that easily integrates with your existing DevOps infrastructure.

Effortless Security & Protection

A single click enables multi-layered security for both the client application and back-end services. Quantum security defends against compromise, detects and reacts to attacks, and provides data and identity protection with enterprise grade security certifications.

Unconstrained Innovation

Our learn-and-leverage approach to digital innovation simplifies next-gen capability adoption by making technologies like intelligent chatbots, augmented reality (AR), wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), and more, easily accessible in our platform.

CFG Bank-hero-image-2020-Jan-21

“In order to succeed, we had to be unique. We couldn’t do or offer the same thing, otherwise we weren’t going to have any clients.”

Driss Benchafai, General Manager and co-CEO, CFG Bank

You’re in good company

Multiexperience development platform

Temenos Quantum delivers a best-in-class user experience as a consistent and seamless multiexperience digital journey across various touch points and modes of interactions.

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