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Personal Financial Management (PFM) – Financial control, foresight and wellbeing for bank retail customers

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Leveraging Insights in Digital Banking

Engage with customers on a new level, offering them a brighter financial future. Put personal finance management at the heart of digital banking, giving smart and personalized recommendations and advice.


Leverage & Deliver Insights

Strands PFM is based on advanced analytics and AI, extracting insights from transactions to offer the end-user a personalized service which assists them in making more-informed financial decisions.


Modular and highly-customizable solution adapts to meet the changing needs of the client. Developed in Reach JS to accelerate customization, with extensibility to React Native.

Banker’s Tool

Streamline front and back office teams with common insights and aligned objectives. Banker’s Tool offers organization-wide synchronization and easy identification of new business opportunities.

Accelerate Innovation

Benefit from Strands’ award-winning financial management solution and extensive experience with top-tier banks worldwide, streamlining processes and boosting the rate of innovation and time to market.


Users can easily create a personalized 360° “bird’s eye view” over their personal finances.

This feature is the foundation of PFM: all historical transactions are automatically categorized and then organized into interactive visualizations. Tracking income and expenses is more fun when using a variety of data infographics such as a planet, doughnut, bubble chart, or treemap. The view can be customized by period, account and category level.

Provides a visual analysis of cash flow over time by tracking historic, actual and forecasted inflows & outflows. An account selector gives users a range of analysis options. To help with planning ahead, this widget also provides forward-looking insights based on forecasted spending patterns.

Enables users to create, manage and achieve personal saving goals. Both short & long-term goals can be set such as planning a summer vacation or buying a new bicycle. The widget optimizes saving plans by dividing monthly savings into smaller daily or weekly portions. Users can also share their goals on social media and request contributions from friends & family.

Users can create monthly budgets for all their spending categories and sub-categories. All budgets are tracked, updated automatically and visually illustrated in a bar chart. Budget setting is facilitated by automatic budget amount suggestion based on past spending patterns and community expenses.

An alternative visualization of past and upcoming income & expenses in a calendar layout. Clicking on a day shows a clear breakdown of all its transactions & events. The status of daily cash flows are shown via smart heat map. A built-in pattern recognizer enables forecasting of upcoming expenses & account balances, so users can stay on top of their monthly payments. The widget is designed to work with electronic billing, direct debit orders & payment systems.

Users can view, filter, rename, split and add tags to their transactions. The widget also enables users to manually add cash transactions. Users can also create their own categories and rules to further personalize and fine-tune the categorization of their transactions.

Users can set personalized alerts to stay up to date with their personal finances. Alerts can be set for events or widget activity including cash flow, balance, budgets, transactions, Safe-to-Spend, or Financial Calendar. Various delivery channels can be used such as email, online and mobile (via SMS or push notifications).

Users can anonymously compare their financial behavior with peers. They can determine their peer group by setting demographic attributes such as age, gender, city, etc. The comparison results are graphically displayed for each spending category and can be viewed for any timeframe.


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