Get Access to 2600+ Banks Across Europe

Enable Banking is the perfect Open Banking partner for businesses looking to scale their operations in a secure and transparent manner, while being fully in controll of your customers’ data.

With our easy-to-use connectivity engine, you will be able to quickly connect to banks’ (ASPSPs’) official APIs all over Europe, without having to worry about the complexity of supporting hundreds of different integrations. This allows you to quickly and easily automate processes that would otherwise be very costly, in regards to time spent or resources hired.

With Enable Banking, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important for you – whether it is growing your business or managing your risks.

What It Means to Be in Charge

In Charge of What You Create

We provide state-of-the-art connectivity solutions across Europe, without ever interfering with your vision of the business case at hand.

In Charge of Your Data

We will never make use of your customers’ data, while retaining its full value. With us, you get all the benefits of being connected, without ever losing control.

In Charge of Your Expansion

We are the perfect partner when you wish to expand into new services and/or geographical markets. Always ready to quickly expand connectivity, we will enable your growth.

In Charge of Your Risks

We have a vast experience in providing our API – e.g. for credit scoring purposes – enabling you to proactively manage your credit risks.

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