A Wealth Tech B2B service platform which digitally optimizes your operational efficiency by automating and scaling connections between Temenos and any custodian entity across the globe

Using Flanks as a wealth data orchestrator allows bankers to connect Temenos to any global entity automatically. And therefore, help them aggregate their clients’ wealth within Temenos. By using Flanks’ solution, they get a global position of their clients’ operations across all entities on a daily basis, enabling them to provide multi-custodian advisory services.


Global coverage

We can connect to any custodian entity across the globe. It takes Flanks 1-2 weeks to add a new custodian entity.

Product coverage

Our technology enables us to go beyond the normal PSD2 and any open banking regulation. We can easily retrieve all data (position and transactions) of any financial product that financial advisors require.

Designed for Wealth

Our platform is designed solely for wealth management, and allows you to have a global view of the position of your clients and monitor it on a daily basis.

Safe and secure

Your data is safe with us. We are fully regulated and comply with the AISP regulation in the EU. We have cybersecurity experts working 24/7 and top-grade-support from several big corporations.

Seamless integration with Temenos

We’re fully integrated with Temenos, and both positions and transactions are uploaded into the platform on a daily basis.

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