Turn a user’s SIM card into a phishing-resistant possession-factor

The technology used by mobile networks to silently authenticate a user is now available for user verification. With tru.ID SubscriberCheck, you can be assured of the presence of a trusted digital identity by confirming the SIM card in a user’s device corresponds to the expected phone number for that identity. It also informs you about any recent changes to the SIM card.


Stronger account security

– No more SMS OTP

– No more passwords or forgotten passwords

– Zero Trust access management for everyone with a mobile device

– Phishing-resistant account login for continuous security

Simpler security user experience

– There are no passwords to create or remember

– Mobile numbers are a familiar digital identity

– No user action required — verification happens silently in the background

– Turn every mobile device into a hardware possession token — no need for key fobs or dongles

Reduced security costs

– Fraud and data breaches thwarted with phishing-resistant login

– Account takeovers prevented

– Enable seamless password resets (where you still have password-based access)

– Support for hardware tokens is no longer necessary

Improved security governance

– Universal user adoption of MFA by using mobile phones that are widespread and often primary devices

– Easy for users to comply with security practices, avoids human error

– Easy for IT security teams to implement and support

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