Regnology Regulatory Tax solution utilizes a centralized tax reporting model to provide control and reporting compliance across a bank and its branches. It covers reporting to tax authorities according to CRS/AEOI, FATCA, QI, TRACE/FASTER, and several domestic regimes for 140 countries, as well as powerful features such as automated corrections, reconciliation, and secured submissions to authorities.


Increased efficiency

Automating the process from end-to-end – data loading, quality, and plausibility checks, reporting, data submission, and automated corrections – provides greater efficiency and accuracy.

Best possible data quality

The Regulatory Tax solution includes thousands of data quality validation rules. To achieve the best possible reporting results, and to mitigate the risk of rejections by the authority, data is verified and validated in regard to accuracy, clarity and data details.

Close collaboration with global tax advisors

Since 2001, Regnology has been working together with global tax advisors to enable high-quality tax reporting for clients. They support Regnology in the interpretation of tax laws so that our users can rely on an up-to-date solution and resulting reports.

Always up to date with regulations in more than 140 countries

Constant monitoring of tax laws internally and in collaboration with Big 4 firms ensures your reports will keep pace with rapidly changing calculations and requirements. This makes it impossible to track tax rules without a dedicated team of professionals.

Compliant and precise reporting

An up-to-date understanding of tax reporting requirements plus several thousand data

quality and plausibility validation rules ensure the best possible reporting results.

Easy-to-use User Interface

Regnology’s easy-to-use user interface simplifies the collection, processing and exchange of data.

Audit trail

With its built-in audit trail each change is logged along with details of the change.

Flexibility and scalability for global deployment

Our solutions can be scaled to serve global financial institutions as well as smaller local entities.

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