Quantify Risk of Investment Portfolios and Turn Data into Action

In today’s world, where spikes in volatility are the new normal, EdgeLab provides investment management professionals with the confidence they need to make better and informed decisions. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and the most advanced statistical models to derive the true risk of any asset based on thousands of risk factors. We also support evolving regulatory market risk guidelines. In particular, our solution allows you to implement an efficient framework to constantly conform with investor protection (suitability and appropriateness) in the context of MiFID II.


360° View on Risk

Understand what drives the risk of your portfolio and measure its impact across any dimension – granular or aggregated. You can use this data to trigger immediate actions and optimize portfolio performance.

Regulatory Compliance

In the context of regulations such as MiFID II, you get precise risk classification at both the portfolio and product levels across all asset classes and currencies to ensure client funds are invested appropriately.

Easy Integration

Our solution is cloud-based and requires very little input from the users. You can integrate it into your existing application landscape through API or access it through Temenos’ WealthSuite, where it’s already embedded.

Enhanced Client Relationship

Use risk metrics to generate bespoke investment proposals and engage clients with reports and insights personalized to their unique objectives and preferences.

Operational Efficiency

We leverage modern technologies that allow us to provide risk metrics in second. They enable you to streamline the creation of investment proposals and gain traction by serving more clients..


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