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Temenos client’s choice for secure and compliant ID solutions.

KOBIL is an all-in-one suite of high-secure digital identity technology provider, empowering businesses for sustainable growth via platform business models. With a low-code, modular development framework called KOBIL Super App Framework, build platforms with mini-apps to supercharge the customer experience. Compatible with Temenos platforms and more, prioritize seamless user experience on authentication and security with KOBIL.

One App, One Login, One User Experience – with all Banking Services. Super App for Every Bank!

Patented high-security digital Identity solutions

Communication solutions for identity-bound and real-time interactions

Secure Payment Gateway Solution


Secure Digital Banking:

KOBIL’s multi-layered security approach ensures secure digital banking with Temenos platform.

Regulatory Compliance:

KOBIL’s solutions comply with strict regulations, ensuring adherence to local and global banking standards.

User-Friendly Experience:

KOBIL’s solutions provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers using Temenos banking platform.

Seamless Integration:

KOBIL’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Temenos platform, providing a complete end-to-end solution.

Real-Time Authentication:

KOBIL’s real-time authentication technology offers an added layer of security, ensuring customers’ data is secure.

Fraud Prevention:

 KOBIL’s solutions offer advanced fraud prevention techniques to help banks protect their customers’ data and assets.

Multi-Factor Authentication:

KOBIL’s solutions offer multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized personnel access sensitive banking data.

Identity Management:

KOBIL’s solutions offer a complete identity management solution for Temenos banking platform.


KOBIL’s solutions are highly flexible, allowing banks to customize and adapt to their unique requirements.


KOBIL’s solutions offer a cost-effective solution for banks looking to enhance their digital banking experience with Temenos platform.

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