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Wealth management

Engage, build and deliver wealth plans with your clients to help them achieve their wider financial goals using the latest in AI and modern cloud technology.

Temenos Wealth Front Office 

Temenos Wealth Front Office supports the full spectrum of clients, from ultra-high-net-worth individuals to the mass affluent, and all standard asset classes, including OTC derivatives, structured products, and digital assets like cryptocurrencies.

Temenos DataSource

Download Brochure to learn more on Temenos' DataSource: a centralized data management solution

Digital for Wealth

Temenos Digital for Wealth is an investment solution that provides a complete digital customer experience for servicing wealth products from mass affluent customers up to High-Net-Worth-Individuals.

Islamic banking – Temenos

A flexible and efficient award-winning solution enabling Shari’ah compliant innovation, scalability and digital engagement with your clients.