Temenos Regulatory Compliance

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II

Support for MiFID II is provided covering securities trading by private individuals. This includes both the profiling of investors’ knowledge levels and compliance enforcement during order processing activities.

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MiFID II Questionnaire

Suitability and appropriateness MiFID II questionnaire are integrated into the system. This covers categorization, suitability, appropriateness and best execution compliance checks.

MiFID II Order Checking

Input Controls and Trading Constraints based on the MiFID II customer profile are integrated into the Pre-Trade Compliance Check order stage.

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Order & Proposal Management

All functions of order and proposal management respect the MiFID II questionnaire and order check.


DataSource Brochure

Temenos Wealth DataSource is an Enterprise Data Management solution that improves the quality of your market and references data on an automated basis.


Temenos Wealth Brochure

Temenos Wealth is designed to industrialize the investment process allowing you to efficiently manage investments for large numbers of complex portfolios and achieve maximal investment performance.