The Swiss Private Bank, Mirabaud, will be launching the largest project the bank has ever embarked on. Starting in the Spring of 2022, Temenos will be supporting Mirabaud to move from a traditional on-premise system to a digital end-to-end wealth management platform on Temenos Banking Cloud. In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive with the entry of neo-banks and fintech, Mirabaud intends to fully restructure its technology stack to adapt quickly to the demands of new clients. With the generational transfer of wealth, new regulations, and growth in asset classes such as private equity and digital assets, Temenos Banking Cloud gives Mirabaud the agility to quickly adapt to changing investment opportunities and client expectations. The move to cloud solutions will help Mirabaud prepare for the future. It is a foundational element of the current ongoing transformation.

“The global solution based on the Temenos SaaS model will actually help us grow while maintaining an efficient operating model. With this new digital ecosystem, we will have the client experience tools to help us prepare personalised advice and encounters with increased efficiency, allowing us to further spend quality dialogue time with our clients. We will be able to adapt more quickly to their needs, cater for future market trends, and remain committed to our core value of delivering a passionate, personalised, human service.”

Camille Vial, CEO, Mirabaud

Wealth is currently the trend for the younger generation due to inheritance and entrepreneurship. Customers are becoming more socially and environmentally concerned. Customers are also interested in new products and services, such as private equity, and cryptocurrency. For traditional banks like Mirabaud, staying relevant is a must. They aim to build hyper-personal, highly-informed, and transparent digital customer experiences. Temenos demonstrated its advanced technology architecture to deliver the utmost secure cloud-native platform.

Mirabaud will adopt the complete suite of Temenos wealth banking capabilities, from self-service channels and portfolio management to back-office processing, including Payments, Financial Crime Mitigation and Data Lake that will enable Mirabaud to deliver a digital customer experience with personalized services and highly automated processes. Mirabaud will benefit from the global solution based on the Temenos SaaS model, which will allow the bank to grow while maintaining an efficient operating model. Adopting the latest SaaS technology, Mirabaud will be able to adapt more quickly to its customer’s needs with increased efficiency, cater to future market trends, and remain committed to its core value of delivering passionate, personalized, human service.

“This key investment for the Mirabaud Group is a clear demonstration of our dedication to our clients, positioning ourselves as a leading partner for them today and the generations to come. We are working to carry on adapting quickly to their needs and market trends while never losing sight of our core vision and values to combine our entrepreneurial and passionate human approach with cutting edge technology.”

Camille Vial, CEO, Mirabaud
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Camille Vial, CEO of Mirabaud, the Swiss private bank, and Max Chuard, Former CEO of Temenos, recently had a conversation about where they see tech trends going in the wealth management industry.