30 Years Young

A campaign to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Temenos

At Temenos, we have an incredible combination that makes us unique and successful.

Three decades at the forefront of banking technology has given us vast expertise and experience in banking technology.

Alongside this is a pioneering spirit that is the essence of our Temenosity culture.

This combination drives constant innovation. It’s how we have become Everyone’s Banking Platform, and will continue to transform banking in the years to come.

As Temenos turns 30 in 2023, we’re taking a look at this special balance between experience and dynamism, and how our innovation will propel us into the next 30 years and beyond.

Welcome to 30 Years of Innovation at Temenos!

“The reason we are able to innovate at Temenos is we allow people to explore”

In this extraordinary video, our COO and President Product Prema Varadhan explains what makes Temenos special, through the lens of her incredible 25-year journey with the company.

Meet our everyday innovators

As Temenos celebrates its 30 year anniversary, we’ve been spotlighting some amazing Temenosians in our India team who show the constant innovation that sits at the heart of our Temenosity. Read more about them and their stories below.

Supporting the next generation

We’re also supporting the next generation of innovators through our Adopt-IT program in India. Launched in 2017 to help improve the quality of Education in India, the program identifies schools and students in need, and uses technology to enable social change. By doing this, we help students to improve their work skills and capabilities, promoting gender equality and inclusive education for all and helping them gain access to finance, healthcare, and jobs. 

In this series, we meet young innovators of all ages who are benefitting from the Adopt-IT program

A birthday message from our CEO, Andreas Andreades

30 years ago, Temenos was established by our founder George Koukis. As our CEO Andreas Andreades says, “Temenos is a story of human endeavour, of people wishing to do something differently”. Watch his message to our whole Temenos community here.

A birthday message from some of our leaders

What makes Temenos special? What does being a Temenosian mean and what does the future hold for us?
Some of our leaders stopped by to reflect on 30 years of Temenos, and here’s what they told us…

We’re celebrating our anniversary with everyone in the Temenos community, and in particular with our customers, partners and alumni. Check out some of their messages below.

Bank SinoPac
A message from Irene Huang, Chief Digital Officer
EFG Bank
A message from Philippe Pfaender, Group Chief Information Officer

A message from Libra Internet Bank

“Being a strong and resilient company with a stellar reputation, Temenos was always our first option for Libra’s core banking system. We knew right away that we had made the right choice and that it was the beginning of a successful partnership. We’re always feeling that our necessities are the number one priority for Temenos, and every time we had an emergency, Temenos was instantly beside us, with the perfect solution and the right people to implement it.

For us, innovation means always aiming to provide a faster, smoother, and more pleasant experience for our clients, knowing that their time is the most valuable resource. And by delivering superb products like Temenos Payments Hub, you’re showing that your definition of innovation is quite similar to ours.

It is a great pleasure for us to wish Temenos “Happy Birthday” and to thank you for being such an important partner. And we challenge you to keep amazing us with more great products and your flawless services.”

BlueShore Financial
A message from Fred Cook, CIO

Byblos Bank
A message from John Massaad, Group CIO

A message from Gabriel Skliar, Head of IT, Banco Credicoop CL

“At the time we chose TEMENOS it was the best option among the Core Banking Systems, mainly due to its strategic perspective. It has been kept functionally and technologically updated over the years.

Innovation in Banks is keeping up with the evolution of Customer needs. TEMENOS is usually one step ahead, generating challenges in its functionalities.

Happy birthday on your solid 30 years with increasing leadership. My wishes are that you manage to enrich your products and services even more.”

EQ Bank
A message from Thanuja Karunamoorthy, VP Digital Banking Technology

First Abu Dhabi Bank
A message from Srinivasan Sampath, Acting Group Chief Technology Officer

A message from Fernando Donoso Elbjorn, Director Desarrollo Digital, B×+ Bank

“When Banco Bx+ was born, we were looking for a strategic partner, more than a technology provider. Someone who could give us the necessary flexibility to be able to start the business quickly, but with enough solidity to accompany us in the growth and development of the business. The decision was the right one and 20 years later, our relationship is stronger than ever. We’ve grown together, gone through complex times, several upgrades and implementations, and we still think we chose the right partner.

I don’t know what evolves faster, the needs of our clients, those of the business or the technology itself. Whatever the answer, we need to evolve faster, anticipating each of them to achieve the necessary scalability and provide the basis so that different strategies can be born and grow with sufficient speed to become market differentiators. That is innovation and the vision and support of Temenos has allowed us to achieve it.

Congratulations on these first 30 years! May many more come. This will get even more fun and challenging as new technologies allow us to break boundaries that we never even imagined before. To continue growing together and leaving a mark.”