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As Temenos celebrates its 30 year anniversary, we’re spotlighting some Temenosians in our India team who show the constant innovation that sits at the heart of our Temenosity.

For photography enthusiast Kaushik, ‘seeing things differently’ is a personal passion.

“It’s mostly nature and landscapes, trying to capture a feeling or an emotion in a picture.”

At Temenos, life imitates art, as Kaushik spends his time looking at things in a different way. He’s part of the team innovating our DataSource product; an end-to-end solution that helps our clients receive data in the best possible way to assist informed decision-making. He makes sure the product functions correctly, but a large part of his work is looking at potential improvements, including suggestions from customers.

And it’s not just innovation for its own sake, Kaushik assesses if changes are possible, then checks that these improvements will be felt by all customers, rather than specific to any one client.

Family matters

For Kaushik, family is an inspiration.

“I am blessed to have a wonderful family who backs me to make my own decisions. I am really inspired by my older brother. He has a long-term vision; he is a wise soul and that helps me when I am looking at things in the short term. He has his own practice for wealth advisory and he is great at building relationships.”

It was the family feeling at Temenos that really spoke to Kaushik.

“From the beginning, I really enjoyed the collaboration at Temenos. This made it feel like a second home and is unique.”

“When I interviewed at Temenos, the experience was really special. It was 30 minutes with a senior person who was nearing retirement. But it never felt like an interview, more like knowledge sharing, and I immediately knew I had found a mentor. He made me feel really comfortable.

And then when he had his retirement party, it was great to see how he had built his career at Temenos, and how he knew so many people, many from the senior management team.

Humility breeds innovation

Kaushik’s drive to innovate comes from a humble place, an acceptance that we can do better and a desire to make it happen.

“Look at our hackathons. I really enjoy introspecting, looking for improvements within the application, being a devil’s advocate of our own product, and putting myself in the shoes of the customer.

And now the ‘Improve-it’ days are similar, where we focus on bugs but also new features. It really is a single day for the whole org to fix things!

We use these days to sit together as a team and share knowledge, improve ways of working, common pitfalls of developing, streamlining processes. To bring everyone to the same level.

I don’t think it’s common to see this elsewhere.”

As Temenos turns 30, it’s this combination of humility and excitement that Kaushik sees as a fuel for our future

“When we turned 25, people were excited for the milestone, we knew where we were headed for the next few years. Today, I see the same excitement across my colleagues and the vision for the future. At 30 you feel like you’re not too naïve, but also you haven’t learned it all.”

He’s confident that we will get there through collaboration, improvement and innovation. It’s another lesson Kaushik took from his mentor.

He once showed me the minutes he took from his first meeting, and he had written: “I don’t know what they are talking about, but I’m sure that I will learn eventually.”

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