Temenos Talks: a podcast mini-series to mark 30 years

As Temenos celebrates its 30-year anniversary, we look at the future of banking and the innovation required to power it, as seen through the lens of our partners and key customers in some special edition podcast episodes.

Temenos – Company

One of the main reasons Temenos has thrived over the last 30 years is our pioneering spirit. Our innovative drive. Our relentless efforts to make banking better, for everyone. So as we turn 30, we’re looking forward, to the future, to understand what our partners and customers see as being the key trends that will shape the banking industry in the next 30 years and beyond.

Join us as we invite them to share their thoughts in conversations with Temenos leaders, and take a peek into the future…

In this episode, we hear insights into the future of banking technology, its opportunities and challenges from Mark Dynes, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group, in conversation with Temenos Chief Strategy Officer, Kanika Hope.

Mark shares his perspective on the rise of Generative AI, how challenger banks and incumbents can innovate in different ways, and the varying appetite for public Cloud across the globe. He explains that the role of Temenos and other consultancies is to help banks foster an environment where they can innovate quickly, bring new products to market quicker and continue to meet their customers’ needs.

Listen to the episode here:

Learn more about how we’re celebrating 30 years of Temenos and the power of our combined experience and pioneering spirit.

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