The real impact of our Adopt-IT program

Hear from Faculty members who have seen their students directly benefit from the program and from our amazing Temenos volunteers.

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Our 30-year anniversary is all about celebrating the constant innovation that makes us Temenos. And because we’re committed to creating value for all our stakeholders, we’re supporting the next generation of innovators too.

One of the ways we do this is through our Adopt-IT program in India. Launched in 2017 to help improve the quality of Education in India, the program identifies schools and students in need, and uses technology to enable social change. By doing this, we help students to improve their work skills and capabilities, promoting gender equality and inclusive education for all and helping them gain access to finance, healthcare and jobs.

In this final article, we meet some of the Faculty who see the impact of the program on young innovators first-hand. And we meet Yuvabala, a young professional who was supported by the Adopt IT program and is now part of our team, working at Temenos.

Ms Anuradha, Principal at Mary Clubwala Jadhav Girls Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Our learning was mainly textbook based in the past, which was not particularly engaging. By installing an outstanding computer lab in our school, Adopt-IT has helped us to drive digital literacy, which visualizes and conceptualizes learning and captures students’ imagination. Our students recently participated in a science expo, independently generating ideas where previously they would have required external support. With support from Temenos, they are now empowered to take the initiative in their learning journey”.

Rajesh Babu, Computer Instructor at Chennai Higher Secondary School, Maduvinkarai

Thanks to the computer lab built by the Adopt-IT program, students can learn computer science practically, helping them bridge any learning gaps. Temenos volunteers conduct sessions every other weekend, not only on computer skills but also career guidance, communication skills, English language proficiency, and public speaking. They organize debates and discussions to help students overcome their fear of communicating in English. These sessions are instrumental in guiding and nurturing the students in various aspects”.

Prof.S.Muraleedharan, Chief Placement Officer at Sri Venkateswara Engineering College

The skillset required by major recruiters is constantly changing, which is a challenge for students. The Adopt-IT scholarship really addresses the educational expenses of students in need. Not only that, but it also motivates and gives them more confidence around their employability. In fact, quite a few of them want to be part of your organization and give it back to you.” 

And here’s someone who did end up joining us! Meet Yuvabala:

Yuvabala Parthiban, Temenos Associate Product Engineer and former Adopt-IT scholar

The Temenos Adopt-IT Scholarship Program played a pivotal role in covering my college expenses, enabling me to concentrate more on my academic pursuits. The program taught me to think creatively, and I experimented with coding on online platforms. The knowledge I acquired proved really valuable in my professional endeavors. The Adopt-IT program highlighted Temenos’s prominent position within the banking software industry. I aspired to be part of such a distinguished company, and I’m thrilled to now be a member of the team!

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