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As Temenos celebrates its 30 year anniversary, we’re spotlighting some Temenosians in our India team who show the constant innovation that sits at the heart of our Temenosity.

Natchammai N is a senior product engineer in our Chennai office. A 5-year Temenosian, she gets inspired by the little things in life.

“Maybe a small café owner who is dedicated to his business and his craft. Or even Infosys Founder Narayanamoorthy. He was an engineer but never dreamt of being a businessman. He started his business with very little money. That really inspires me.”

Mindset holds the key

For Natchammai, the key to success is mindset, and that means keeping the mind fresh.

“I’m fortunate to have worked in 5 different teams. I’ve worked with managers around the world, which has shown me different perspectives and lots of flexibility. Temenos is a place that has a fresh mindset to try new things and trust new people.”

Natchammai remembers a story that sums up this approach:

“When I was only 6 months in, I had the opportunity to visit the Bangalore office. My manager couldn’t be there to deliver a training course, but he trusted me enough to ask me to go. I spent two weeks with very experienced people, training them on something completely new. They treated me with a lot of respect even though I was so young and recently joined the business. I actually made friends with several of them, and we are still in touch today.”

A passion for people

“I like to collaborate with others and to say good morning to people in the office,”  Natchammai continues. “I just joined the People Engagement Committee. I have friends in all the offices I’ve visited. They keep me motivated & happy at work. People at Temenos are so friendly. What you give is what you get! So I say: choose to give positivity.”

Bringing together the elements of flexibility, collaboration and people focus is what Natchammai feels fuels our innovation.

“I like that we have full freedom within the team, share ideas and discuss between us to come up with the best strategy. We innovate through a culture of collaboration, welcoming new ideas to enhance product development, which will help clients to create innovative web pages.”

More to come

In keeping with our challenging mindset, Natchammai knows there is still lots to do. She believes we can be more innovative, especially in the front end. And she wants to challenge himself to add more value too.

“My passion is to be a teacher or trainer. I like to teach what I have learned to others, that is my long-term goal. In my first role, I had some great colleagues who taught me the basics of JavaScript and it made me feel good and now I want to pass on my knowledge to others.”

This ties in with her view of turning 30, it’s a time when you can provide even more value.

You have done a lot of learning by this time, and you are in a position to share what you have learned. You are still learning but you already have a good idea of what life is, you have some good experiences that you can learn from and share with younger people. It’s a stage of stability.”

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