APIs & Extensibility

Temenos’ open APIs allow you to integrate quickly with a wide range of internal or external systems to help drive your product and service innovation.

Temenos APIs enable you to execute strategies to thrive in an age of open banking. Temenos’ approach enables your bank to meet regulatory requirements such as PSD2, through pre-defined APIs that meet published specifications such as Berlin Group, STET, etc. They allow you to innovate products and services rapidly with access to over 700 enterprise API endpoints on the Temenos Developer Community. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from the ability to enrich your offering to customers through the integration of new FinTech technologies using Temenos MarketPlace.

Leveraging APIs and ISO20022 in Payments


Temenos offers API-first architecture across both our Digital Front Office and Core Banking products, Temenos Infinity and Temenos Transact.


Enabling extensions to standard APIs to suit your precise needs, created using an API designer tool.

Temenos Developer Community

Open API Catalogue bringing you standardized out-of-the-box APIs to fast track your innovation, supported by Temenos experts and a growing developer community.

Temenos MarketPlace

A FinTech ecosystem curated by Temenos built around open APIs.


Open APIs Brochure

Journey Open UX is the open API for development of financial customer journeys on the Avoka – now Temenos Journey Manager – platform, part of Temenos Infinity. Teams skilled in use of React, Angular or other JavaScript frameworks will find this the fastest path to developing production class applications.
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The Platformification of Banking

Successful platforms attract both producers and consumers, match producers with consumers, and provide seamless integration among participants.