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Open Platform for Composable Banking Services

The Future of Financial Services in the APAC Region

Temenos Engage Rapid Response for APAC

Recent years have seen major transformations in the banking industry — namely, within the manufacturing and distribution of financial services. And, in a busy financial ecosystem, banks, neobanks, fintechs, payment disruptors, e-commerce, and technology giants are trying to establish their place in the banking value chain.

Key Drivers of Composable Banking Architecture in APAC:

Increasing consumer expectations

66% of customers today expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. Because of this, players in the banking space are in need of tools and strategies that can not only improve but hyper-personalize the consumer experience.

Rapid digital banking transformation

While digital transformation was inevitable within the banking industry, fintechs are speeding up these changes with an open banking framework.

New technologies

According to IDC, banks in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to prioritize the cloud, access to information on demand, connectedness and sustainability this year.

Temenos composable banking platform

This framework gives banks the agility needed to respond quickly to emerging challenges while guaranteeing scalability as needed.

Innovate today on the Temenos Banking Cloud

Temenos partners with cloud hyper-scalers to ensure that our Composable Banking Services run on the most flexible and secure cloud platform out there.

Our Cloud Partners


Temenos is an AWS Partner. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the global cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft commits to banking with bank-grade security, fast time to delivery, dynamic scale, and resiliency through the Azure datacenters. Get our eBook and learn about the dedicated support for the financial industry, as Azure helps banks to navigate through more than 60 regions worldwide.

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About the author

Frankie Wai is a Business Solution Director APAC at Temenos. As a solution-oriented person with strategic thinking and strong people skills, he defines the region’s solution strategy, advises the bank on technologically advanced solutions, and executes decisions to facilitate organizational growth. He has actively investigated emerging technologies and formulated software solutions to help banks deliver innovative banking services. He led from the front and crafted the brand-new digital banking architecture for the first batch of virtual banks in Hong Kong. He continues constructing the solution for subsequent digital bank licensees across the Asia Pacific region. Frankie is speaking at seminars to articulate how technology enables banks to transform, including digital banking, open banking, cloud-native banking, and composable banking architecture. He was invited to speak at the Malaysia Fintech Week, Asian Bankers Association, FinTech Association of Hong Kong, Fintech Taipei, Singapore Fintech Festival, and the Temenos Regional Forums. Frankie co-authored the articles Virtual Banks Will Compel Hong Kong to Embrace the Mobile Banking Era and Open Banking in Taiwan. Frankie graduated from Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA. He joined the first batch of the Oxford Fintech Programme.