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Make Collections Easy for Everyone

Reduce delinquency, increase efficiency, and boost collections efforts all while creating a better experience for borrowers and lenders. 

Deliver empathy and efficiency in your collection process

Debt collection is essential for any bank or credit union, but it can be tedious, time consuming, and stressful for everyone involved. Despite the digital era we are in, many financial institutions are still using outdated software and manual processes in their collection strategy – making it a bad experience for borrowers and lenders.

With Temenos Collections, financial institutions can streamline internal processes and create a better experience.

Fully Automated, Consistent Collections

Boost efficiency using rules and workflow automation to create meaningful queues, reduce delinquency and protect income

360° Views of Account Holder Relationships

Not all relationships are created equal. Understand the nuances at a glance from multiple accounts and balances to otherwise perfect payment history to strategize an effective collection approach

Unified Specialty Process Handling

Finally, a single solution for all specialty processes. Leverage case types to identify and handle special cases in a consistent and efficient manner – eliminating the need for guesswork, additional spreadsheets, and other error-prone manual processes.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Visualize and manage key data with automated reports for performance tracking to measure actual results against KPI’s. For presentations to management, portfolio information can be presented through graphs and charts using Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services.

Quick & Easy Self-Configuration

With simplified admin capabilities, you are in control of your environment and processes. Create custom fields or build queues, views, reports, and letters on the fly without IT constraints or additional costs.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Easily integrate with third-party technologies using certified connectors or a robust API. Using a third-party to outsource collection calls or process payments? Our strong integration points and open technology saves you time and money by reducing system toggling and other manual processes.

Measurable Success

75 %

75% increase in

86 %

86% increase in valid contacts


12 hours of processing time saved each month

The thing that drew us to Temenos was that it was, at its heart, a core collections system, which we desperately needed. And we could configure different workflows to fit our bank´s exicisting process.”

Louis Burg, VP Consumer Special Assets Group and Mortgage Quality Assuarance

There were specific features of the Collections module that made us choose Temenos, such as the ability to create individual queues based on our collection practices and run reports specific to our credit union needs.”

Cassandra Sandstrom, Collection Manager
AccurintLexis Nexis – This connector allows users to initiate a real-time skip trace against a particular account and a history of all past skip trace searches are maintained in the system.Skip Tracing
Allied CPIAllied Solutions – This connector provides integration to Allied Solution’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), a solution for managing risk and minimizing the administrative hassle associated with tracking insurance on collateralized loans.InsuranceDatasheet
ApplicationXtenderMetaSource – This connector allows documents attached to a loan application to be archived and stored with ApplicationXtender.Document Management
BankoLexis Nexis – This connector supplies an automated process to send and receive comprehensive bankruptcy data to help minimize risk and maximize collection and recovery efforts.BankruptcyDatasheet
BillingTreeBillingTree – This connector provides direct integration to BillingTree’s Payment Suite, allowing users to enter and originate ACH and credit card transactions.Payment ProcessingDatasheet
CertegyFIS – This connector enables institutions to import additional credit card account information directly into the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
Experian – This connector is an all-in-one tool offering easy access to credit-based scoring, consumer
contact data and analytical services.
CO-OPCo-Op Financial Services – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
CPI State NationalState National Companies – This connector accesses real-time data from State National’s Insurtrak providing seamless integration to CPI data directly within the system allowing an account holder’s insurance status, claim submissions and insurance submission within a single platform.InsuranceDatasheet
CPSFiserv – This connector allows institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
Credit ReportingLuxor Technologies, Inc. – This connector retrieves and stores credit report information from Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion through a third-party credit reporting service.Credit Reporting
Credit Union
Student Choice
Credit Union Student Choice – This connector allows financial institutions to import student loan data directly into the Collection module, allowing for easy risk management within a single system.Third-Party Loan Data
TriVerityTriVerity – The TriVerity Connector is a fully integrated and streamlined connector that has been a trusted collection partner since 2009; one of the original Collection modules outsource partners. Feel confident, knowing your institution’s accounts are being handled by professionals specifically trained to collect on past due accounts.Outsourced CollectionsDatasheet
EquifaxEquifax – This connector gives institutions access to Equifax credit bureau reports directly through the system.Credit Reporting
Evans, Simpson & AssociatesEvans, Simpson and Associates, Inc. – This connector provides Temenos customers with real-time access to Evans, Simpson and Associates’ (ESA) suite of insurance products.InsuranceDatasheet
ExperianExperian – This connector gives institutions access to Experian credit bureau reports directly through the system.Credit ReportingDatasheet
FICSFICS – This connector offers financial institutions access to additional mortgage information not offered directly from their core processor.MortgagesDatasheet
Grant & WeberGrant & Weber – This connector is designed to allow financial institutions to take advantage of the pre-charge off account management and recovery outsourcing services provided by GRANT & WEBER directly through the system.Outsourced CollectionsDatasheet
NACHANACHA – This connector provides secure and efficient ACH transactions within the system.Payment Processing
NCCINCCI – This connector provides the ability to submit requests including real-time field calls and property inspections to NCCI in the system.Borrower OutreachDatasheet
PSCUPSCU – This connector enables institutions to access additional credit card information for accounts. Users can choose from PSCU’s standard option or their Data eXchange, which offers real-time information.Third-Party Credit CardsDatasheet
PSCU – Financial institutions can outsource some or all of their collection activity to PSCU using an automated process fully integrated into the system.Outsourced CollectionsDatasheet
SecurianSecurian Financial – This connector provides a real-time interface that allows users to access Securian’s claim system that gives you the ability to submit, track policy claims, and upload documents for credit protection directly within Temenos Infinity.InsuranceDatasheet
SWBC AP Account
SWBC – This connector gives institutions the ability to outsource collection calls using SWBC’s AutoPilot Services.Outsourced CollectionsDatasheet
SWBC InsuranceSWBC – This connector enables institutions to access policy details, create new claims, and track claims for SWBC’s Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI).InsuranceDatasheet
SWBC – This connector delivers a unique suite of insurance and collection services, including service requests for asset recovery, repossession, remarketing, and legal, as well as submission and tracking of collateral protection claims.Loss MitigationDatasheet
SWBC PaymentsSWBC – This connector provides direct integration to SWBC’s Electronic Cash Management Tool (ECM) for highly secure and efficient electronic ACH and Credit Card transactions.Payment ProcessingDatasheet
TransUnionTransUnion – This connector provides users with a secure transfer method for retrieving credit bureau reports through the account servicing solution.Credit Reporting
Vantiv/WorldpayVantiv – This connector enables institutions to receive additional credit card account information directly through the system.Third-Party Credit Cards
XDIXpress Data Inc – This connector allows letters to be exported directly to Xpress Data to be produced and delivered.LettersDatasheet

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