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Temenos Infinity Robo-Advisor

Add personal wealth management, both automated and advisor-led, into the retail banking experience. Temenos Infinity now includes Robo-Advisor and Goal-Based Investing to add integrated options to your bank’s omnichannel offer.

Product Overview

Serve the Mass Affluent Market

Serving the rapidly growing volume of the Mass Affluent market presents the best opportunity for retail banks to capture a share of the wealth management market. Temenos Infinity integrates wealth management capabilities directly into the omnichannel banking experience.

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Temenos Robo-Advisor

Robo-Advisor delivers an automated portfolio management capability as part of the Temenos Infinity customer experience for retail banking. A full feature set offers investment management advice and execution at a price point attractive to the mass affluent consumer.

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Temenos Goal-Based Investing

Focusing on the aspirational goals of the customer, Temenos’ integrated Goal-Based Investing module extends the standard Robo-Advisor to provide capabilities for customers either in self-service mode or via their Relationship Manager to set up different goals, match with the best-fit investment products and track these through to their goal completion.

The Next-Generation Wealth Manager

Advancing services and personalization with technology

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