Temenos Recognizes Clients with Awards at Annual Flagship Event

Mirabaud, Commerce Bank, Credem, Banco de la Nación del Peru, STC Pay and Flowe receive awards for their commitment to making banking better

Temenos also presents Friso Westra of ABN Amro with the Visionary Leadership Award

St. Raphael’s Garda Credit Union, Hamilton Reserve Bank and ATIB receive Innovation Hero Awards, selected by the Temenos community

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GENEVA, Switzerland – May 27, 2022 – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the world’s leading open platform for composable banking, today announced the winners of the 2022 Customer Awards. At this year’s Temenos Community Forum (TCF) Temenos celebrates its employees, partners and clients for powering a world of banking that creates opportunities for everyone. These awards, announced every year during TCF, recognize Temenos clients for their contribution to their communities, innovation, and commitment to long-term, sustainable growth.

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos, said:

“Temenos is Everyone’s Banking Platform, whether you are a fintech, challenger bank, credit union, or incumbent bank. With our open platform for composable banking, our clients can power new growth opportunities, drive efficiencies and deliver the ultimate customer experience. We are delighted to recognize some of the clients we’ve seen drive massive impact within their own businesses and the world at large, and we celebrate all of our clients who make banking better for 1.2 billion people everyday.”

Digital Transformation Award
Mirabaud has launched the largest project it has ever embarked on with its new digital transformation project.  Temenos and Wealth Dynamix will be supporting Mirabaud’s move from traditional on-premise systems to deliver a digital end-to-end wealth management platform. For its commitment to push ahead its highly regarded entrepreneurial and passionate team to the next level of client servicing, and to adopt the complete suite of Temenos wealth banking capabilities, Mirabaud receives the Digital Transformation Award.

Core Transformation Award
Commerce Bank offers a full line of banking services, including payment solutions, investment management and securities brokerage. It is the first large domestic bank in the US to implement Temenos for core banking. A Top 40 US bank, Commerce replaced its legacy system for deposits to strengthen customer relationships, increase agility, enhance innovation, and drive long-term efficiency. The core transformation will also enable Commerce to rise above the challenges facing US incumbent banks, including pressures from challenger banks, global disruptors and other large incumbents. For the breadth and depth of its modernization project and its collaboration with Temenos, Commerce Bank receives the Core Transformation Award.

Customer Experience Award
Since becoming a Temenos client in 2019, Credito Emiliano (Credem) has become a flagship client of Temenos, launching mobile applications for Retail, SME and Private Banking. The new app for retail banking was developed in nine months, and enables Credem to greatly improve its customer experience and achieve a first-class omnichannel experience. With Temenos, Credem now delivers 93% of all transactions via digital channels, the number of money transfers done on the mobile app has doubled, and the number of customers that actively use the mobile app has increased by 30%. For its enhanced, intuitive, and highly engaging digital experiences, and its digital banking innovation, Temenos awards Credem the Customer Experience Award.

Banking Growth Award
Banco de la Nación del Perú went live with Temenos in 2021, launching its first digital account “Cuentas DNI” to 2.1 million Peruvian citizens in just one month. With Temenos, Banco de la Nación del Perú was able to reach almost 95% of its districts. For its financial inclusion efforts to reach the 48% of unbanked Peruvians, and the immediate reach of the project, Banco de la Nación del Perú receives the Banking Growth Award.

Scalability and Efficiency Award
Launched in 2018, stc pay is now the leading digital wallet in the Saudi Arabia and MENA region. The Temenos Banking Cloud has enabled stc pay to scale efficiently to more than 8 million accounts. For its commitment to grow sustainably to meet the region’s increasing demand for digital payments, stc pay receives the Scalability and Efficiency Award.

Sustainable Banking Award
As the environmentally-friendly digital bank of Banca Mediolanum, Flowe is the perfect of example of a digital bank committed to the preservation of the environment and to sustainability. Flowe helps its almost 700,000 customers to be more eco-friendly by offering personalized advice and gentle nudges based on the CO2 impact of the user’s transactional behavior. Supported by Temenos, Flowe is the first digital bank in Italy to become B-Corp certified and carbon neutral.

Chairman’s Visionary Leadership Award
Friso Westra has been a visionary leader for ABN Amro’s digital transformation. Friso and the ABN team have collaborated closely with Temenos to increase agility and the pace of innovation with Temenos Continuous Deployment and ABN Amro’s 22 DevOps teams. Using the Temenos Banking Cloud, the bank is able to test, develop, and publish new releases to market with faster deployments. For his commitment to innovation, his cohesive DevOps strategy, and collaboration with Temenos, Friso Westra receives the Visionary Leadership Award.

Additionally, for the first time, Temenos introduces the Innovation Hero Awards recognizing clients that deployed an innovative project in 2021. Voting was conducted by a jury, as well as peers on social media.

Jury Selection – St. Raphael’s Garda Credit Union
Project Blue was a digital transformation project undertaken over a two-year period. The key aim was to provide members of the Irish police force with a loan origination solution – the best online lending experience with 24/7 accessibility and digital self-service capabilities. Key achievements of St. Raphael’s digital journey include a Net Promoter Score of 85%; inbound call center volumes down 35%; online loan applications now representing 35% of all loan applications; over 25% of applicants receiving instant full-automated approval; 80% year-on-year growth of users of the credit union’s online banking services; and a reduction of manual processing by 85%.

Jury Selection – Hamilton Reserve Bank
Hamilton Reserve Bank strives to create products tailored to its global clients, making every interaction an easy and frictionless experience. The bank deployed all Temenos solutions concurrently in nine months. In the first six months following implementation, the bank has had 140% growth in its client base. Hamilton Reserve Bank also cut fully compliant client onboarding from 5 days to 10 minutes for individual clients, and 1 day for business accounts. The team has achieved over 50% increase in operating efficiency, and a 100% increase in customer satisfaction.

Online Voting – Assaray Trade & Investment Bank
Assaray Trade & Investment Bank (ATIB) is committed to innovation, and continuously invests in IT. The bank’s digital transformation journey started with a migration to Temenos core banking. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the bank managed to deploy in 10 months. The team saw amazing results in accelerating the launch of new products to market to 3.5 weeks, and the digitally active customers base increased by 30%. ATIB is continuing its journey with the implementation of Temenos for digital banking, to provide customers with a unique and frictionless onboarding experience.

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