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Big Data and Cloud Computing: Vietnam Banking Industry

AI, Big Data and cloud computing are revolutionising industries around the world and banking is no different.

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are transforming the customer experience, leading to a defining moment for the financial institutions who are quick to embrace them.

Developing economies like Vietnam has a fast-growing, digitally savvy population and a financial services industry that is not beset by legacy systems. Thus, we believe that Vietnam banks are especially well-positioned to implement changes quicker than their more established international peers.

How can banks generate greater insights into what clients want and deliver a wider range of tailored products, more efficiently and cost-effectively? Find out more!

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With Temenos since 2004

• In 2013 it launched the first breakthrough, Omni-channel banking model, in Vietnam that integrated Internet banking, mobile banking and transaction notification system

• Now has 2.2 million users of its eBanking system, a figure that increased just under 50% YoY in 2019, while revenues from the segment nearly doubled

With Temenos since 2001

• Aims to provide a “one-stop-shop” for customers from personal and corporate banking to protection, investments and wealth management

• Temenos’ work with Techcombank has enabled it to build its physical branch network as well as its online offering

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