The Digital Banking Experience in Asia: Part 1

When it comes to your digital banking experience, what does your bank do well?

Have you ever been personally asked what you want from your digital banking experience and the type of journey you want to take? It seems like a simple question that would be commonplace as we continue to embrace technology for our finances. It would seem reasonable to assume that banks have undertaken this unassuming exercise as they invest heavily into digital banking platforms and services. Yet few have and few really know what their retail customers want – at least that was our hypothesis.

In partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA), we decided to investigate and test our hypothesis via a comprehensive research project. We travelled across Sydney, Manila, Shanghai and Hong Kong and interviewed over 100 real banking customers in face-to-face interviews; 3 questions for 1 coffee!

In Part 1 of our series, we asked real customers what their bank does well when it comes to their digital experience. Watch Part 1 of 3 to see what they had to say.

Want to know more?

Read our comprehensive report The Future of the Digital Banking Experience in Asia Pacific in partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA), who surveyed over 2000 consumers in China, Hong Kong, The Philippines and Australia. The results of this research offers guidance to banks and other organizations looking to improve their digital experience.

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